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Detroit 1988 1

By: Carrera.4
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 30-Jan-09
Current release: 1, on 30-Jan-09

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Screenie by: madibao
Screenie by: madibao
Screenie by: madibao
Screenie by: madibao
Screenie by: madibao
Screenie by: madibao
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: carrera.4
Screenie by: carrera.4

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Hi all

It's time now for the street-circuit Detroit that was driven in the GP 1988.

That's for sure the most work intensive track I ever have created till now and I'm happy it's finally done.

Hope you have fun to drive a few laps in downtown Detroit.

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This mod is amazing. Anyone who lives in the area or had attended one of the races can appreciate the incredible attention to detail put into this track. Everything from Cobo Hall to the Spirit of Detroit statue, the Joe Louis Fist, the Detroit Princess, the People Mover and even the roadsigns on Jefferson going under Cobo are all there. It's also alot of fun to drive and I have had several good races there with 1988 mod.

First class work!
Fuzzball on Apr-01-2011

y'all jelly people. i see now there r THREE versions of dis stuff.
abilly racin on Jul-20-2010

You are so god! Thank You so much
etienne_ on Jun-13-2010

I just found a good copy here:
Cemolian on Apr-09-2010

Any chance of a working download link?
madame apfel on Mar-26-2010


antiviruspro 2010
Montah Steel on Oct-16-2009

Hello, please could somebody add some setup for this nice track? I'm not good at it. Thank you
Kimista on Feb-14-2009

Hi Mike, I'm sorry but I first will create all tracks of 88,
but maybe after I will make tracks for other years,
Thank you all for your support.
carrera.4 on Feb-06-2009

Hey Cameron you read my mind!! I came on here to ask carrera.4 if you are going to do the 1991 version of Phoenix! I think Phoenix street circuit is so over looked. Its up there with detroit street circuit .A few years ago I made the Phoenix91 track for gp3 but with gp3 limitations I couldnt do all the buildings ,manhole covers concrete slabs of certain parts of the track,ect. But man if someone would do phoenix91 for rfactor ,that would be a treat and a perfect adiction to the f1 1991 mod. Carrera.4 I just want to say thanks for your great work and I thanks you for the nice tracks you have build and produced. What are your plans for the next track and would you consider doing the Phoenix 1991 US street circuit!
mike27466 on Feb-05-2009

as always carrera4 another fine top quality track thanks a lot
scorcher59 on Feb-04-2009

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