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Colorado Springs West 1

By: ChrisB
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 04-Feb-14
Current release: 1, on 04-Feb-14

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Screenie by: ChrisB
Screenie by: ChrisB

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Colorado Springs West tracks descriptions:
Dirt Circuit A and B:

This two stages is prepared for regular races with maximum 10 cars on the road (one car per team). It is possible
to play with higher number of opponents, but FPS performance may slow down significantly. If you try to set more than 30

game may crash while loading. Pit stop is working well, so feel free to use it during the race.

Known issues: in some departments far pieces of terrain may disappear when number of opponents is high.

Hill Climb A and B:
- Play race weekend or season

- Set race for 2 laps or stage default

- If you want to play alone, set AI number to 0,
or just boot all opponents in monitor

- Set your grid position to 1

- Feel free to race with AI if you wish to

- Start in order to the lights

- Stage is divided into 2 laps (6 sectors)

- In replay fridge, your final time is a sum of 2 laps

- This stage is NOT dedicated to practice mode

- Practice mode will NOT count your time

Known issues: in one department, distance bar (at the bottom of screen) will show you, that you'd get to the the
end. Don't worry about that, it will refresh at next checkpoint.


Special thanks to:

Ervin Greven
Richard Eburah

and all facebook Bob's Track Builder group community ( who helps me to complete

this project.

Best regards.

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Thanks for welcome me and the website which I want to represent on here and share the knowledge with the people of this society or the forum.
Austin45 on Dec-24-2018

There are 3 Versions für the 2 Settings.
A Quality Version with SSAO @high range and detail
One Performance Version with SSAO @mid range and detail
and a High Performance Setting without SSAO.
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newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Hello, I installed and when I launched game as admin. with video config. checked first (1366x 768) The RF icon screen came up as normal, and then went away too black screen and never launched after 20 min. trying several times.

W7 64 bit....... Path....... Programs (86)>> R factor>> Game data>> Locations I uninstalled every file, every little piece, for this mod and still have issue...please help...Thank you very much.
Zebrawire on Feb-17-2014

I'm in love with you <3 lol
KittX on Feb-13-2014

This is a nice rally track. Would appreciate you to make conversion for rF2 that can handle big tracks with much shadows better on older PCs.
rainmaker87 on Feb-07-2014

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