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Bundesautobahn A41 1.02

By: Rolf Kazamba
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 10-Oct-14
Current release: 1.020, on 10-Oct-14

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Rolf Kazamba
Screenie by: Rolf Kazamba

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Release info:

1.01: Fixed the parking positions in the pits.
1.02: Packed textures and objects into mas-files and added thumbnail and mini-images with some help.


As many of you might have dreamed alot about getting your foot down on a German Autobahn... here's your chance! ;-)
It is a fictional part of a Autobahn which doesn't exist. While there is an A40 and an A42, there isn't actually an A41 yet. (There have been plans to built one, though)
It has been inspired by several German Autobahnen like A40 (through the Ruhrgebiet), more rural highways like the A7 (in Bavaria) and more straight and flat highways like the A2 in the southern north of Germany.

Feel free to share and upload whereever you want. Would be nice to give me credits then. ;-)
If someone likes to bring it to any next-gen sim, do it and let me know! :-)

If someone has any tip on any bugs, let me know. :-)
Updating to 1.01 should be okay for me. ;-)

Thanks to:
The creator of Bob's Trackbuilder

The creators of the following XPacks:
Autoverseny_Eletveszely, basic_city_xpack_v1_1346537954_2236, Dirt_Track_Equitment, Ennis Extras European Road Elements, GrandStand_1345966620_3729, Great Britain (RBR), HungarianXpack_1345983890_397, Kormoran2003_roads_1345984521_2213, LighthorseXP_1346179001_4011, Materiales, MauroPack, mento_rendor, N_L_pack, Objects_Poland, old_church, PLP Signalisation, PL_Vegetation, Road_Mid, Smes_Pack, Trackside_Objects, US_Cars, Vineyard

And the creators of the cars in the pictures.

Please don't get mad if I have forgotten about you - if your work has been helpful, I really appreciate it. ;-)

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