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Big Kart Rozzano 1.00

By: Cloudheaven
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 09-Jul-11
Current release: 1.000, on 10-Jul-11

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Screenie by: ..
Screenie by: ..
Screenie by: Cloudheaven
Screenie by: Cloudheaven

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Big Kart Rozzano 1.0


- Big Kart Rozzano is a real kart circuit located in Rozzano, a city about 9 km south of Milan, in Italy.

- The circuit is designed to be raced 'Clockwise'

- Track length 0.750km - 0.466miles

- Working 'Start' and 'Pit' lights

- Pits and Grid sized for 30 Karts

- Includes CAM, AIW and Loading screens

- Mod's used for AI testing - 'BRKart'


1. Download and extract .rar file
2. Place 'Big Kart Rozzano' folder into /rFactor/GameData/Locations/


Track: designed and developed by - Cloudheaven

Testing: Cloudheaven, Lareth, Spadino, Icem6n

Tools: Bob's Track Builder, Google Sketchup, featured XPacks downloads


By downloading and/or using the 'Big Kart Rozzano' track you agree that:

- the 'Big Kart Rozzano' track may only be used for non-commercial use in rFactor.

- Permission is NOT granted to use the 'Big Kart Rozzano' track, either in part or whole for any other project or racing game.

- Conversion of the 'Big Kart Rozzano' track to any other gaming format is strictly prohibited without permission.

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