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Baskerville Raceway 0.00

By: PvtStash/Whitty/Briggs
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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By Steve Whitty & John Briggs Converted by PvtStash. Permission was given for this one to be converted and I had it partially done so now in a state that can be used. Some texture flickering and probably some other bugs as it is beta. Lights etc all functional. Located near Hobart, Tasmania and has some very interesting elevation changes. Enjoy!

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Hows the update coming along??
VLGroupa on Oct-26-2009

Have done quite a bit of work on this, it probably still needs a lot more but my skills are fairly limited. I have a new version ready that will be the final before releasing V 1.0 full but I can't get admin access to this to fix stuff up. Been asking for a couple of weeks but I guess they are busy around here or something. Can't even submit new screenshots, it's getting a bit annoying tbh. Anyhow I will try to get access and if not, I will post updated link via comments.
PvtStash on Jun-05-2009

Baskerville V.085b

Still very much beta, lot's to sort but it works. Has pit/start lights, working AIW for main and fast path and very basic CAM file. There are some flashing textures etc that I haven't sorted yet but things like that will be addressed for the V 1.0 release.
PvtStash on Jun-02-2009

Convert is 90% done, some graphics stuff to tidy up then I can release full V 1.0. May post updated beta link if time and state of convert allows.
PvtStash on Jun-02-2009

Yes you can have a download link very soon. I am currently re-working this convert for release and also started a scratch built with DMz's help. The scratch is going to take me a while as I have to learn some stuff and get some resources together. So I am going to release the better convert by the weekend for people to try. Remember, it's only a convert so won't be the best looking etc but it will be fully functional. It will have working start/pit lights and AIW and I hope to sort a decent cam file to. More to come soon.
PvtStash on May-31-2009

Yes can we have an active link to this track please as i really want to dl it!!!
Ozimoon on Jan-18-2009

please post an active link, i actually practice at baskerville in my real car and would absolutely love this track!!
deathwish202 on Oct-16-2008

Love this track... Live in Hobart and have pretty much grown up around it, Does anyone on here have a better download link or somthing because it appears both of the links arent working properly
jabob98 on Sep-04-2008

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