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AIW Video Tutorial 1.00

By: Madcowie

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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AIW Video tutorial by Madcowie

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Guys, search madcowie AIW on YouTube to find it
NerfHerder52 on Jun-23-2012

Madcowie if you are still around, we need a new link to your AIW Editor Video... or perhaps you could state here where the video could still be found, Thanks.
werst59 on May-23-2012

That is correct. The Left Line is the path the Left Vehicle takes during a safety car. It then automatically generates a Right Path, mirrored across the Main Path. You do need to make sure you ALLOW space for a car beside you, or the lines will start messing up in tight corners, you need to give a lot of space to your right to stop this happening. Stick to the left of the track, naturally
doser on Jul-08-2010

@ Mini36 ... My understanding is that the Left Line is for when the cars are driving side by side ... behind the safety car or doing a formation lap before the race. It forces AI cars on the left to allow room for the cars on the right as they travel around.
buzinator on May-20-2010

Watched your video, copied it exactly ---- But it never records my fast lines ---- It quotes times ---- But the A.I always just drive down the middle --- using the Main Path.............. --- It's like they think the Main Path is the fast path ---------- Even though i've recorded like 100 laps of the fast path ------ Is it broke or am I being stupid?
doser on Mar-11-2010

What is the Left Side Line used for? Is there a matching Right Side Line somewhere in the menu? Are either or both necessary to define the AI's line, or is that only dependent upon the Fast Line?
mini36 on Jan-28-2010

How do you install this?? It says put the .dll in the windows folder? But does that mean the actual windows folder or rfactor? then how do u get it up pop up in game?
rodrrico on Jul-30-2009

Still the most valuable mod tool I have! I use it every time I work on a track. Excellent work!
NathanRitchie72 on May-03-2009

Great video Madcowie! What a lot of effort put in!

I have 1 quick question...must we input all the parameters as per your video? What if I only input the main path and fast path without inputting in the starting grids, pits, garage etc? I did that, saved it but rfactor crashes out soon after loading the track....

Yeek on Apr-22-2009

find it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unzip and copy in same directory (c:\rfactor);/fileinfo.html

masterfra76 on Mar-27-2009

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