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207 WRC 1.10

By: Esca31 and Team4Play
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 02-Dec-10
Current release: 1.100, on 07-Feb-11

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Screenie by: Esca31
Screenie by: Esca31
Screenie by: Esca31
Screenie by: Esca31
Screenie by: Esca31
Screenie by: Esca31

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207WRC v1.0 based on 207S2000 mod by XXXTeam


Installation :
- Extract all the files in your rFactor folder

Physics :
- Esca31 (WRC version)
- Fanlebowski (EuropeanRallyCross version)

Rear Wing :
- Fanlebowski

Turbo sound :
- Fanlebowski

Skin :
- Christoph
- Senna1
- Wondercag
- Publiaplic
- Cartman78

Menu update :
- F1.Jeanphi

Menu song :
- MrDiztek - The Surface Of The Sun (Remix)

Special thanks to :
- The XXX Team, for their great 207 S2000 mod and the authorization of use it to make the 207 WRC
- Peter Zvan for the permission to use his tires SlipeCurve
- FanLebowski for his help to fix some bug
- Team4Play for their good moods
- Steve McQ for the Readme english translation !

207 WRC Beta-Testing :

- Team4Play :
Esca31, Mallorca, Iroun, zeXav, Wondercag, Naven, Valbuena72.

Mod By Esca31[T4P]

*The XXXTeam did not participate in making of the WRC mod, they have just given them authorization to use the 207 S2000.


207 WRC specification (Engine inspired by the C4 WRC) :

Engine : 4 cylinders in line, 1998cc turbocharged
Power : 328 hp @ 5 800 rpm
Torque : 541nm @ 3000 rpm
Max rpm : 6250 rpm
Transmission : four wheels drive
Gearbox: semi-automatic, seuqential, 6 speed
Dimension (L/l) : Length : 4030 mm Width : 1800 mm Wheelbase : 2560 mm
Tank capacity : 80 liters
Weight : 1230 kg
Max speed : 265 km/h
0 - 100 km/h : 3"6 sec


207 s2000 v1.1 mod by XXXTeam for rFactor
(Only the various things used for 207 WRC mod,
Authorization: Totorman)


SferSystem (Apex Modding Team)

Yoss (Apex Modding Team)

Sound Design by
Yoss (Apex Modding Team)

Ambient and Backfire and Brakes Sounds
Destroem (Apex Modding Team)






FFB Menu



Any file, information, content, idea, or other parts
relating to this product, or its development or format
is proprietary to the above named people!

*Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

© 2009 XXX Team
All Rights Reserved.




Correction given by the v1.1 patch :
- Correction of Multiplayer.scn (you can now make on-line race .. sorry for this little mistake !)
- small modification on tires
- Add Slick tires (track) on WRC/ERC version, and Gravel tires for the WRC
- small aerodynamics modification and setup range

A good way to use it :

Aerodynamics setup
On the front there are 2 setups, the minimum (1av-3ar) is for track, the max (2av-5ar) is for Rallying or little track's.

Good tires choice
- Tarmac Tires
Is a Rally tire, less grip than slick tire, but it has more lifetime
Optimum temp : 85°

- Slick Tires
Slick tires for track's, have more grip than Tarmac tire, but less lifetime
Optimum temp : 90°

- Wet tires
For Rally and Track's
Optimum temp : 70°

- Gravel Tires
ERC Gravel tire, now on the WRC.
Optimum temp : 100°

- Drift Tires
I think i don't need to explain ?
Optimum temp : ...

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448/500 (779 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Can't download Meddiafire puts you through all the B S and sends you to there upload page.
Be grateful to anyone knows any other sites I can download from.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
stanbs on Dec-09-2016

Tried to get this mod used in online racing in this sim-racing site Race2Play and they said that it cannot be used since there is mistakes in car naming and they can't get results from races because of that. Any chance you, Esca31, could check and correct that. Look here to see what I mean exactly:

I love this mod and would really like to race online with it.
Piracae44 on Nov-05-2014

a great mod, especially for 4WD drift showdown. nice work
otakuracer on Oct-05-2014

This is the best rally mod in rfactor by far! Nothing even comes close! Try a hot lap with h shifter and clutch at alpine mountains and you'll be amazed! The sounds, the realfeel steering and the car motions give such an unbelievable immersive experience! I wish they would do other mods too cause these guys know their stuff!
bueno1 on Dec-30-2012

thanks for the sunshine music, great to hear that again.

Jeeve on Dec-24-2012

CMS presents the 2011 X GAMES with this Mod and the X Games Track. Details are at this link ... event will be on July 30th ...!
davidan on Jul-16-2011

ffddrifter, tu a vraiment rien compris a but rechercher par mon mod ...

"alors pourquoi faire un mod sur une voiture fictive ??? " - Et pourquoi pas ? Il y a bien des circuits fictif qui ont était très bien accueilli, alors pourquoi on accepte les circuits fictif, mais pas les voitures fictive ? ...

Tu trouve ca nul ? tend mieux, mon but est avant tout de me faire plaisir. Ton plaisir a toi, je m'en tape un peut ...
Esca31 on Mar-15-2011

Hello ,

Meme si le Mod est tres jolie , moi je trouve sa un peu nul !!!!

Le mod 207 S2000 etait et restera au top , mais quand j'ai vu le mod 207 WRC , me suis dit , sa rime a rien du tout , les 207 wrc n'ont jamais exister , alors pourquoi faire un mod sur une voiture fictive ???

Enfin bref , pour moi , c'est 207 S2000 for ever <3
ffddrifter on Mar-13-2011

C'est vraiment du bon boulot sur toute la ligne, je m'éclate sur rally china, je peux plus m'arrêter lol.
Bravo et merci!
joekart on Mar-03-2011

Amazing mod!!!!! Enjoying it very much. Would like to know what tracks are people running with it though. Recently had to upgrade to a new computer and wasn't able to switch over all my tracks. Advice appreciated!
qwaynick on Mar-01-2011

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