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2015 Verizon IndyCar Series 0.60

By: Vitor Souza Motorsports and Modding and Sneech Honekawa
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 02-Oct-15
Current release: 0.600, on 02-Oct-15

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Screenie by: Vitor Souza Motorsports and Modding
Screenie by: Vitor Souza Motorsports and Modding

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

(NOTE: My upcoming update for this mod will include stex1973's new 2015 skins, and the 2014 cars. Currently, the download links only provide you with VSM's base 2015 mod.)

IndyCar has finally got the rFactor treatment it deserves. And I'm not saying that because the actual creator of these mods wanted me to; I mean it.

What's included, you ask? Well, here's a basic rundown:
- Both of the two official 2015 IndyCar chassis. Wherever you're rooting for pure Chevy power, or if you believe in Honda's power of dreams (more like in-your-dreams when you consider their terrible performance this season: The highest placing Honda driver ending the season in 14th)
- Dedicated aero kits and setups for superspeedways, short tracks, Indianapolis and road courses
- Wings on top of wings
- All the major teams of the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series
- Did I mention aero kits?

Installing this mod is just like installing any other rF mod: Simply drag + drop the contents of the .zip file into your rFactor folder.

Modifications made from the original:
- .gen file tweaks: should be compatible with "All cars and tracks" mode (for those who want to start Champ Car/IndyCar flame wars all over again)

- I simply compiled these separate mods into one, all-encompassing mod, and it features the work of the following modders who have put all their blood, sweat and tears into making this:
VSM for the 2015 models
stex1973 for the 2014 skins and many 2015 skins
(Sorry, 2012 DW12 modeller, I couldn't catch your name)
- On this note, I don't claim that any of the content is mine. the "100% scratch" claim applies to the mods within this pack.
- Not all the 2015 cars are included.
- The 2015 cars currently don't automatically change depending on tracks yet. The 2014 ones do, to my knowledge that is.
- Some cars may not work properly on ovals (in the case of the road-course cars) and on street/permanent circuits (in the case of most Indy 500 cars). I don't have time to weed all of the malfunctioning cars out one-by-one, so this is just a general warning.

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