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2014 GP3 0.96

By: World Sim Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 08-Jan-15
Current release: 0.960, on 24-Jan-15

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: World Sim Team
Screenie by: World Sim Team

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This mod is done just for rFactor by Image Space Incorporated. This is not an official product of ISI.

MOD Contains:

The mod includes all cars of the 2014 GP3 season with 27 liveries.
Internal sounds.
Car physics.
RFE Plugin Series.



Car: haunetal1990, Lotusmania, Carlos12295cf and contents of F1-SR
Helmet: Daimon
Tires: SiMCO
Steering wheel: F1-SR


Cars: fisicoF1, Carlos12295cf, BP SimRacing & Design and
Helmets: Lotusmania
Suits: Carlos12295cf
Tires: SiMCO and Carlos12295cf


Engine: by Carlos12295cf
HDV: by Carlos12295cf
Gearbox: ISI and Carlos12295cf
Tbc tires: ISI and Carlos12295cf
Doublewishbone: SiMCO
Damage: SiMCO
Suspension: ISI
Headphysics: SiMCO
Cockpit: SiMCO

Sounds: Felipe P. Giro

Cams: Oliver Kwoka

Mod structure: Lotusmania and Carlos12295cf

Special thanks to:

Fabiano Machado for the help with the physics.
SiMCO for multiple files.
F1-SR for their excellent contents.
Daimon for the helmets 3Ds.

RFE Plugin:

Just use it for Windows XP/Vista/7 and using an original rfactor game.
By Slow Motion, Ilo and RFE stuff.
You need to download updated tracks to this plugin, if not it won't works!! You can do it in the link down of this txt.

Mod features:

Realistics Cams:
The cams done by Oliver Kwoka are quite realistic, perhaps it cannot be perfect. Anyway the immersion can be felt better in the driver cam. About the driver arms we think is better to keep them because it is much more realistic then static arms. Something all videogames have are the dynamic, moving arms.

We hope you enjoy the mod and we appreciate all the help and support we recived from the social networks and forums.


To get contact with us just send us an email or website:

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Glad that all cars of the 2014 GP3 season with 27 liveries. intel altera
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The nice update! I was happy to find it
JessicaL on Mar-22-2018

Excellent mod. Kudos to Oliver Kwoka for providing the cams.

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