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2007 Sauber BMW F1 1

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 18-May-07
Current release: 1, on 18-May-07

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I don't have this car in game,there's no rfm file, how to install it?
LIONER on Jan-12-2015

I want to paint my own skins but can't find any templates. Can anyone help?
07890799040 on Jan-25-2012

Just to clarify my previous post,my v1.255 is the 2008 Special Edition,the BMW in that has a different skin and .veh to the 07 car in the skinshots here.Anyone downloading skins thinking theyll fit the 2008 car please note.
crashman33 on Mar-18-2011

This is NOT the same car that comes with v1.255,thats the 08 car,look at the screenshots and compare em,try fitting one of these skins on that car, no way,different animal,and different .veh file altogether.
crashman33 on Mar-18-2011

the links for the sounds are not working help pleasE!
Richard97 on Oct-23-2010

2007 Sauber BMW F1 @ Hockenheim79.

Taste of the modern with the old flavour.
sTimulated on Aug-24-2009

This should be the right template guys...


Uly on Jul-12-2009

Originally posted by: Lighthorse

Where can I find the Template Set for this car ????

Thanks Ken

Looking for the templet set as well. Anyone know where to get it? Please & thank you.
BCRCFlyer on Jul-08-2009

i have somekind problem, i downloaded that mod and i don't have it in game, i have rfactor lite version
rFPlanet on Jul-05-2009

has anyone made some custom sounds for this one (fsone06 maybe?)
slik on May-06-2009

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2007 Sauber BMW F1