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1970 World Sports Car Championship 1.00

By: CSGT and CSGT Web Site
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 21-Jun-09
Current release: 1.000, on 21-Jun-09

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Screenie by: NEChris
Screenie by: NEChris
Screenie by: Mini Maestro
Screenie by: Mini Maestro
Screenie by: NEChris
Screenie by: NEChris
Screenie by: NEChris
Screenie by: NEChris
Screenie by: normhart
Screenie by: normhart

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

CSGT is proud to present 1970 The World Sportscar Championship

This is composed of three mods

The World Sportscar Championship 1970 mod which consists of a selection of cars representative of the typical lineup at most of the WSC1970 races

Le Mans 1970 mod which consists of 48 of the 51 starters at the 1970 Le Mans race

Classic Sportscar and Grand Touring 1970 mod which is a combination of both of the above mods plus many more cars which have varying paint jobs. This combination of cars never ran together historically but provides you the chance to see what would have happened if the long tails had run with the hillclimbers at any track or any other combinations you can come up with.

We are Algis, Bristow, Gunnar333, Marco F., NEChris, NormHart, and taufikp,
with AlexSolerRoig, andreh, Christopher Snow, Moritz, PabloCorsico,
RallyMaster, RobinM, Sergioloro,
and the help of many many others. Thanks guys.

Sports 5000 – 49 total including all 19 Le Mans starters; 4 Makes; 7 Models.
Ferrari 512S Coda Corta Targa – 4 including 1 Le Mans entry (2 physics packages)
Ferrari 512S Coda Corta Coupe – 7 including 2 Le Mans entries
Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga – 8 all Le Mans entries (2 physics packages)
Ford GT40 MkI – 4
Lola T70 Mk3B – 6 including 1 Le Mans entry and 1 Le Mans DNQ
Porsche 917K – 18 including 5 Le Mans entries (3 physics packages)
Porsche 917L – 2 all Le Mans entries (2 physics packages)

Prototype 3000 – 37 total including 10 Le Mans starters; 5 Makes; 9 Models
Alfa Romeo Tipo 33.3 Coda Lunga – 4 all Le Mans entries
Ferrari 312P - 5 including 1 Le Mans entry
Healey XR37 – 1 Le Mans entry
Matra MS650 – 5 including 1 Le Mans entry (2 physics packages)
Matra MS650 Longue Queue– 1 Le Mans entry
Porsche 908-02 – 4
Porsche 908-02 Flunder – 8 including 1 Le Mans entry
Porsche 908-02 LH - 1 Le Mans entry
Porsche 908-03 – 8

Sports 2000 – 13 total including 5 Le Mans starters; 2 Makes; 3 Models
Chevron B16 – 7 including 3 Le Mans entries (3 physics packages)
Porsche 906 – 2
Porsche 910 – 4 including 2 Le Mans entries

Grand Touring 5000 – 7 total including both Le Mans starters; 3 Makes; 4 Models
Chevrolet Corvette L88 – 4 including 2 Le Mans entries
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 – 1
Ford Mustang 1966 Group2 – 1
Ford Mustang 1967 Group2 – 1

Grand Touring 2000 – 19 including all 12 Le Mans starters; 1 Make; 6 Models
Porsche 911 – 14 including 11 Le Mans entries (5 physics packages)
Porsche 914 – 5 including 1 Le Mans entry

Altogether 125 cars

Car modeling by Gunnar333, Marco F., and NEChris. See the individual car
folders for credits for each car.

Our cars are RealFeel compatible (see the RealFeel readme for more
information). These cars are designed to run with no assists like the
originals. Using assists may produce unexpected results and interfere
with the relative performance of the cars, depending on your settings.
We strongly recommend that you turn off the vocals, hud, and all assists
if you want to feel what these cars were really like and immerse
yourself in the period. A clutch and H box shifter are recommended as
well although autoshift will work if you want it.

The mod is a historical re-creation not modern Historicals cars, as such
our cars are not easy to drive at the limits nor are they balanced
within the classes. The cars reflect the technology of 1970, tyres have
much less grip, brakes are not as effective as modern brakes, and
downforce is negligible.

Physics by Bristow. See the Physics Readme for more details on these cars.

Music, Movies, encryption, and GUI by Gunnar333

Beta testing by Team Trellet and DKutz (thanks guys!)

We have not found any way of producing results by class other than the
method used here. It is a little clunky for car selection but the
results display does show the place in class.

Conversion or modification of the World 1970 Sportscar Championship Mod for rFactor
is not allowed, whatever the destination platform.
All files contained in this package are copyright protected by the CSGT
The material provided in our mods/patches is not connected to Image
Space Incorporated. No support can be obtained from ISI if you have applied
our mods/patches.
Our mods/patches may not be profited commercially by a third party
unless permission is granted by the CSGT Group.
We accept no responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the
use of our mods/patches.

Use of this mod implies agreement with this license. If you don't want
to comply with the license don't download our mod.

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Hello katie you explained every step with picture which is helpful to understand about the 1970 sport car championship.Wall board hanging enhances the beauty of the room.Here I found 8 steps for making the wonderful wall hanging craft in the room. This website is a source of learning something new for the new learners.
ydecannu on Apr-05-2019

If your still alive, you could add some ambient shadow textures to the cars especially the interiors. It will make them look 1000% better!
headlight on Oct-15-2018

tried first time ever download. get message "download limit reached!" ??????????????????????????????????????????????
imfantastic2 on Oct-13-2018

jotavelasquez451295 on Jan-08-2017

It Says Me: Error Opening MAS File

Plz Fix This And I Give 5 Stars Ok?

jotavelasquez451295 on Jan-08-2017

On board lap - Porsche 911 @Montjuich
johnkabirra on Jun-24-2016

Sounds like a great mod, but all links I find are dead. Is there currently a "free" location to download 1970 WSC from?
ricki917 on Apr-03-2016

How come i am getting a wrong gmt Version when i try to load a wsc 70 car from rfactor??? on Oct-17-2014

Brilliant mod! Blasting around classics 60s and 70s tracks in the 917 is out of this world. A million thanks to the developers.
sinosized on Jun-09-2014

Absolutely fantastic mod, even better than TCL in my opinion. Feels like a finished product.

For those of you who like to fiddle with PhysicsEditor, save the newly created engine data to a new file and copy the torque curve to the original file. Saving directly to the original file will mess up the other settings (like heat transfer and radiator effects) with this particular mod.
zerodownforce on May-22-2014

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1970 World Sports Car Championship