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1961 Fomula 1 0.20

By: TMF group
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: The Mod Father
Screenie by: The Mod Father
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Screenie by: The Mod Father
Screenie by: The Mod Father

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TEAM MOD FATHER Group and its ever growing circle of friends.

"A passion for racing"..

We are a small but committed group of racing enthusiasts who’s aim is to provide racing sim mods of highest standard possible. Please be assured that as soon as updates on the progress of our mods becomes available, we will endeavor to keep you the fans 100% up to date.

Here at the TMF group we are still looking for new recruits. If you feel you have something to offer the team please contact us @

We are currently looking for individuals who have experience in:

Car Modeling (3dsimed, 3dmax etc)


Tracks (experience in building ie. Bob Track builder)


To finish here is the current status of our upcoming mods for Rfactor:

61 Mod Points

- Ferrari 156 Sharknose in game.

- Still very much in WIP stage 15% complete.

- Cars represented to date are as follows.

Ferrari, 2X Lotus, 2X Porsche, BRM, Cooper Climax, and Ferguson.

Thanks again for you interest and support of our Mod's,

All the best

Team Mod Father.

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F1Lover: I-have models and do some stuff if Any groups modding wants a go ..

Is someone still has the models?
I would be very interested by some for making cars "Tasman"
and South African championship Cars
ed76 on Jan-21-2014

Can someone continue this mod? A competent one who's a passionate of Formula 1961? We need someone to make this mod with heart..
QcNordiques27 on Jan-21-2011

when will this mod be released
will it be released this year
nh racing on Jul-19-2010

Actually TMF is now F1-S-R.. but yes this mod is not going to be released..
I do have models and some stuff if any modding groups wants a go.. Please PM me.
F1Lover on Jul-10-2010

Sorry guys. Looks like this is a dead mod. I went to the TMF site and it's been abandoned. What a shame. I only hope some good mod maker will do this 1961 mod.
I am so disappointed because I love this era not to mention the Tipo 156.

oldnslo on Jul-08-2010

any news?
STODDART on Jul-07-2010

I was wondering if this mod is still alive and well ? I don't mind waiting but let me know if my wait is in vain.
What a shame if it's dead. Absolutely the best F1 season ever.
oldnslo on May-04-2010

Sign me up - I'm a fan as of RIGHT NOW!!

Kudos to you guys!! After close to 50 years the "Shark Nose" is STILL my favorite-looking F1 ever! Next, if you would only make a 60's GT/Road Racing classes mod - you know, the Ferrari TR, Maserati Birdcage, D Jaguar, Cooper, Scarab, the early fact, why not one with ALL the Chapparrals and period correct opponents? (Well, a guy can dream, can't he?)

lassthompson on Sep-13-2009

Awsome! 61's are my favorite!
I can wait, but then again I can't!
alienaudio on Jul-08-2009

We want at least one beta car to test please!
Willymaze on Apr-21-2009

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1961 Fomula 1