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What is rFactor Lite?
rFactor Lite is exactly the same as the full version of rFactor 1255, except it only contains one car and one track, making the initial download less than 100mb, and the intitial install ~113mb.

What about activation?
rFactor Lite requires activation, and is activated exactly the same way as the full version of rFactor 1255.

If I buy rFactor Lite can I download cars and tracks included in the full version of rFactor?
Yes, you can download them from the links at the bottom of this page.

Can community made content be added to rFactor Lite?
Yes, community made cars and tracks can be added to rFactor Lite, just as it can be added to rFactor.

Who created and packaged rFactor Lite?
Image Space Incorporated - thanks guys!

What about cost?
rFactor Lite costs the same as the full version of rFactor.

So what's the point?
rFactor Lite makes downloading and purchasing rFactor far more convenient, especially for those players primarily interested in community made content, or for those on slower internet connections. It can also act a convenient backup for regular players wishing to make hassle free fresh installs. or multiple rFactor installs.

Get rFactor Lite Here!
Car, Track and Sound Packs - Original rFactor Files not included in rFactor Lite

Some community made cars use the default rFactor game sounds