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 VW FunCup World Championship
RACE@RFC presents the VW FunCup World Championship.

FunCup Skin Pack Addon is required

What's it about? How do I participate? Follow the Getting Started instructions and be racing in minutes.

Had a bad race? No problem, you can race as often as you like to try and improve your VW FunCup World Championship Leaderboard ranking.

VW FunCup World Championship is not running atm. Please check the Event Calendar.

VW FunCup World Championship (RACE@RFC Password: None required )
RACE@RFC runs VW FunCup races 24/7 in the following format: 10 min Qualifying, 4 lap Race

 Car  Track  Laps   Races Run 
 Race 1   VW FunCup   Mills Metropark (Long Rev) 4  107 (1348km) 
 Race 2       "   Oran park Raceway (Grand Prix) 4  106 (1111km) 
 Race 3       "   Donington TL 4  225 (3577km) 
 Race 4       "   Teretonga 4  103 (1059km) 
 Race 5       "   Sardian Heights 4  107 (1083km) 
 Allowed Aids: Autoclutch only

Note: To avoid mismatch problems install latest versions of mods as supplied on rFactorCentral.

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