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F1 1988 by Carrera4 with improved AIWs 1.000 by mjdrs
The 1988 F1 tracks of Carrera4 with improved AI paths. Try Detroit, Monaco or Adelaide together with the AI improvement plugin released earlier. Some tracks remain untoucht...[more]

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500 695 Abarth (rFactor2) 1.000 by Slow Motion RFE
Please read these few notes before asking for anything. Email me for any suggestion, help, improvement: 1. I assembled the "500_695 Abarth RFE" mod...[more]

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Interview with Gjon Camaj and Tim Wheatley on rFactor 2
Check out this latest SimHQ Motorsports interview with Gjon Camaj and Tim Wheatley on rFactor 2 and what lies ahead.

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F1 2014 Patrick SP Add On 1.000 by Nicola Acciarri
Formula 1 2014 Single Player add on for F1 2014 Mod by Patrick34, including specific car team Physics-Engines set, new suspensions, gears and tyre files, Safety car, new...[more]

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rFactor AI improvement 1.000 by JR
This plugin should drastically improve the AIs collision detection and overtaking, adds a AI fuel strategy and randomized AI misstakes, depending on talent files. - YOU NEE...[more]

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Lessay Rallycross 1.000 by BAM421
Circuit du championnat de France de Rallycross. French Rallycross Championship Circuit.

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Vintage Sprint Cars 1.100 by Bill Guillaume
Howdy guys, After a forever wait. I have the Vintage Sprint Car Mod ready to go. Links below. Check the readme for all the players involved. Took a while for me to get my R...[more]

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Saint Vincent Des Landes Autocross 1.000 by BAM421
Circuit d'autocross Saint Vincent Des Landes

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Les Cresnays Autocross 1.000 by BAM421
Voici un circuit d'autocross utilisable de préférence avec le mod Autocross Super Buggy. Here's an Autocross Circuit recommended for the Autocross Super Buggy mod.

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Mauron 1.000 by BAM421
Voici un circuit d'autocross, situé en Bretagne dans la France. Circuit ou se déroule le Championnat de France d'Autocross. Here is an autocross circuit located in Britt...[more]

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