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By: Nigatura and Cap
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 03-Sep-13
Current release: 2, on 16-Jan-14

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Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura
Screenie by: Nigatura

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*** F1LRCLUB VCR 2013 V2.0 ***

*-Single player mode:

Since we received a lot of requests for improving single player features, we worked some time on the subject.
It seems changes are good and now we can do much better races against IA drivers. They are faster and more secure, and their relative performances are more realistic.
However, IA drivers always need tracks with good path definition and good configuration on user .plr file (some of the values are overriden by .hdv file, but not all). I recommend:

-.plr file:

AI Power Calibration="0"
AI to AI Collision Rate="40"
Auto Line Smooth="3"
AI Limiter="0.0"
AI Mistakes="0.005"
AI Realism="0.095"

-Rfactor, menu 'Difficulty':

AI Strength = 100%
AI Agression = 25%

Changes for SP mode:

-Talent of drivers

-IA parameters on hdv and tbc files (spring rate, passes per tick, corner, tire grip, wear,...)

-Longer engine life

-Aerodynamics depending on team (drag and lift, see image included).

-Engine power depending on team, from 715 to 760 HP (no KERS)

-Gear box depending on team

-Updated rules on RFM file. Maximum 21 IA drivers.

-IA base setups preloaded depending on track (wings and gear box)


-New helmets and skins for all teams.

-New diffuser, wheel, gloves and rims for Lotus.

-New gloves for Nico Rosberg

-New pits.mas for more realistic boxes.

-Corrected T cams, no clip plane on helmets.

-Fixed car reflections on Menu

-Fixed some bugs and textures

-New intro


-Added tyres for the second half of season, with less load sensivity, heating and wear
-New slip curve for all rear tyres lateral grip

-Reduced engine max.torque

-Corrected longitudinal weight setting range
-New aero pack ranges
-Improved Traction Control

-Improved safety car (weight, tyre pressures, suspension)

-Improved damages (more realistic behavior of detached tyres and wings)


-Real downshifts for Mercedes, Ferrari, Toro Rosso,...
-New gravel sound
-Volume modifications (gearbox, roll, etc..)

-Added optional sfx pack for isolated cockpit sound (not good for outside cameras!)


-Upgrades, GP updates, skins, tyre compounds, aero packs,... determined by track

-Fixed qualifying parcferme

-RFEtire 1.2 included


-Changes on track load images
-Improved aiw files for better IA
-GPs lap number fixed
-Corrected pit lane speeds
-Fixed bugs and models
-Malaysia gravel fixed
-Melbourne: New skins and models
-Brazil: Corrected drs zones and reduced grip

Now, take firmly your steering wheel, drive, be faster!! Are you afraid of speed? Don't worry... It seems real, but it isn't.

Changes by:

Santiago Michoni (Skins, pits)
Nicola Acciarri (driver talents, SP version advice)

Leave us a comment:

*** F1LRCLUB VCR 2013 V1.2 ***

For this update we tried to achieve the most realistic handling possible, looking for what i call "shoe" slide, very characteristic of 2013 Formula 1. Possibly this car reactions are not so fun and easy as v1.0 car, but I think they are much closer to reality.
We also needed to improve suspension to reduce travel and soften reactions to big kerbs and obstacles on the floor. It is a contradictory task, but not impossible because centre of gravity height was part of the problem.
Sounds are enhanced looking for more inmertion (onboard) and ambient feeling (outside). New sounds for rolling on wet asphalt has been added, too.

You can send oppinions to e-mail provided on documentation. Please let us know if you are using this mod. Thanks everybody for your comments and feedback for v1.0. Enjoy it!

Main changes:


-Centre of gravity height ('catapult' bug fixed)
-Adjusted wheelbase and tracks
-Modified structure connections
-Modified bumpstops and suspension travel.
-New undertray (height, damper, dimmensions, rake)
-Modified setting ranges

-New lateral slip curves
-Different peak slip angles for each compound
-Modified carcass spring
-Added little tyre wear on straights


-New diffuser and body
-Improved wings (bigger effect on lift, drag and tyre behavior)


-Improved inertias of free objects after impact
-Modified contact feelers

-Safety car

-Improved physics: engine, tyres, suspension, aerodynamics, gears, default setup,...
-Modified cockpit view


-Enhanced samples
-Conversion to stereo (Surround and embracing sound)
-Corrected pitch and overlapping
-Added rolling and skid sounds for the wet
-Echoes for some exterior effects

-Fuel estimation fixed

-Gears screen fixed

-Updated documentation

So, don't be afraid of speed!! Take firmly your steering wheel, drive, be faster!! It seems real, but it isn't.

(All changes by Cap and Nigatura)

*** F1LRCLUB VCR 2013 V1.0 ***

Everything in life can be done intellectually, as an exercise of reason and mechanicism, or can be done as an expression of an inner impulse, irrational but also unavoidable.
Also, we always can choose between the images (the superficial perceptions) or the internal reality, where (some people say) the true essence is found.

This vehicle is the consequence of an unsuspected association, unfrequent but fruitful. New F1LR-VCR is made of youngness and experience, talent and effortness,... science and feeling. We would like to find the balance and satisfy those who enjoy quality designs and sounds, but also those who need a realistic physical simulation. We have pursued the figures, but also to capture the spirit of this Formula 1, incomprehensible and contradictory, where engineers, pilots and magnates work until the limit around something not well defined, made of money but boosted by madness.
These are some of the main features:

-Detailed 3D models
-Real skins and helmets for every pilot, updated by GP
-Test drivers included
-Varied and "aggresive" sounds
-Natural handling, fast and precise steering lock
-Tyres performance as 2013 championship
-Lap times and top speeds as 2013 championship
-Expected behavior after changes in garage settings

Main features of the trackpack:

- F1 2013 official season tracks, chosen from the best of internet
- 2013 official DRS zones
- Adapted to F1LRclub-VCR rain tyres
- Totally adapted to RFE plugin series, also random weather (except Abu-Dhabi, but few probability of rain there in the real track)
- 2013 schedules and pit lane speeds.
- More realistic rain spray, adequate to humidity

Textures, 3D models, main mod realization: Nigatura
Helmets: Josekast
Sounds: Felipe Giro
Physics: Cap and VCR team

Special Thanks to :

Zeenderman (Many 2013 Helmets)
messj (Many 2013 gp skin updates)
MrF1Fanatic (Driver talents)
Andrea (suspension, advice and documentation)

....and many others who published free information ,which has been very important to develop this mod!

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Son tres circuitos de fantasia,son trazados rapidos,sin dejar de tener sus zonas tecnicas,desniveles y curvas enlazadas,curvas rapidas que cada vuelta piden mas gas,en mi opinion para ser utilizados,con cualquier tipo de veiculos desde turismos hasta f1,Espero que os gusten o al menos os diviertan,
un saludo.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Since the closure of the Longford circuit in the 1960s it has been Tasmania's premier motor racing facility. The circuit is one of the longest serving circuits of the combined history of the Australian Touring Car Championship and the V8 Supercar Championship Series. Since 2005 it has hosted the Falken Tasmania Challenge for V8 Supercars.
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Symmons Plains Raceway is a motor racing circuit in Australia, located about 30 kilometres (18.64 mi) south of Launceston, Tasmania.
best waist trainer
inflatable dinosaur costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

Oval Pacific é uma pista Oval Fictícia com dois ângulos diferentes mais abertos.
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

what a drive this is
its all here folks
my favourite release im sure
all this from the first 1 hr with this release
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

beyond spectacular
awesome is more than a fair statement
wow factor is here with a hard on
newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

This circuit is based on the old route of the 2000s enjoying a old track aircraft.
The circuit has been slightly customized in 'environment, but is very pleasant to ride.
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

update trackpack link please
elthib on Apr-09-2016

Yes, mega download link for v2.0 is refreshed.
capicap on Feb-28-2016

Yes, the track pack links (both) are dead, as you said. However the actual car mod link at mega is active, I was able to access it with no problem.

werst59 on Feb-24-2016

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