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rfVCRmerge 1.50

By: Alain Cottignies

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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rfVCRmerge is a stand-alone application that allows multiple laps to be overlaid, synchronised and saved into a new replay file.

It generates a new VCR file that can be played back inside rFactor. This allows easy visualisation of driving lines and relative speed. For those people (me included) who find telemetry analysis too complex this makes is easy to see where time is gained or lost throughout the lap.

For the time being this is as close as rFactor gets to a 'ghost car' mode.

In addition, rfVCRmerge can be used by league and server admins to automate the extraction of fastest lap replays.

Version 1.5 update: Now with Game Stock Car 2012 support. Now with the ability to stagger the overlaid laps so that they start every few seconds.

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This looks nice, but I wonder if we can do it for a whole run (I mean, a specific ammount of laps, not just only one, but as exemple 5 or 10 or 30). That's be very very awesome if I could find something exactly like I said. If anyone knows...
DromEd on Dec-22-2012

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