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rFactor Tweaker 3.11

By: DestroY

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DestroY rFactor Tweaker is a great tool for Image Space Inc.'s (ISI) rFactor racing simulation. With DestroY rFactor Tweaker you can configure over 450 options that you cannot from within the game, and it features other advanced features, such as options to run rFactor with special parameters and a full log of all your configuration changes.

New in v3.1.1:

* DestroY rFactor Tweaker now works with Windows Vista driver profiles
* Fixed a problem with DestroY rFactor Tweaker running under Windows Vista

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LOL.. you save a "startup->notepad.exe" typing.

100% useless.
JorgeAbujamra on Aug-08-2011

can this make the led lights on the logitech g27 work like in the demo
badbob137 on Jan-15-2010

One of the best tools for rF out there. Props to the maker. *thumbsup*
krvolok on Oct-20-2009

Link doesn't work, for anyone looking to download it, try this:
{Drunk}Blacker! on Jul-03-2009

Could someone tell me what is the use of run with quick connect special parameter?
thank you
miklosman on Apr-11-2009

i have a problem i have tweaked
what i wanted and when i press run rfactor
it does not run
any ideas??
louis on Feb-20-2009

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