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rF-SkinHud 1

By: Knarf

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: knarf
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Screenie by: knarf
Screenie by: knarf
Screenie by: knarf
Screenie by: knarf

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Since the launch of rFactor 2005 some people have created external HUD's for rFactor. Some are working good, some worked good but stopped working with the latest rFactor patch for some reason, others had other problems, some show very much information, others only some basic information.

With rF-SkinHud you are able to create your own customized external HUD. This way you can put just the information you want on the HUD and make it look any way you want. The only things you need is are text-editor (even notepad will do) and a drawing program (photoshop, gimp, but even mspaint is sufficent).

You can use rF-SkinHud on a second monitor or on a networked Windows or Linux pc. You can also use a PDA by the use of a tool called sidewindow.

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When I open the skin and click RUN, the program freezes and closes out.
Can anyone help me with this
WitySchoolBus123 on Jul-27-2012

anyone got that work on win7 64bits?
EAKMotorsports on Feb-27-2011

hi where can i download more skins that people have made
Shackattack132 on Aug-20-2010

hi where can i download more skins that people have
Shackattack132 on Aug-20-2010

hi. I want to convert it US measurements. How can I do it?
satrain18 on Aug-25-2009

hi there i downloaded it and i dont know how to use it any tutorial vids would be nice.
jonjonjon14 on Aug-16-2009

So I found the problem I have

I have 2 network cards in my PC. 1 LAN et 1 wireless. If I put the LAN card IP address in the ini file, it doesn't work. If I put the wireless IP than it works.
I would like to use the program over the network on a laptop. And the laptop is connected with the LAN cable

And due to the fact that the program use the wireless IP (don't ask me why ! ) and seems to be unable to recognize the LAN network, I cannot use it :/

If somebody is in the same situation (2 network cards) and find a solution, please help.
Yoda on Feb-20-2009

I dont know if it's possible to get it "over" rfactor. This tool is not using some overlay features to be displayed "in the game". It's just a program like rfactor is, and you cannot have 2 program windows active at the same moment.

But if you were able to bring it to work, you're happy, I don't

could also be helpfull if you would share what you've done to bring it to work

It's alway staying of "not responding"
Yoda on Feb-20-2009

I found the answer to my first issue. Works great now.
Next step - Now I want this mod to work on the local PC, and I want it to sit on top of Rfactor, not behind it.
Any ideas?
plindsay on Feb-17-2009

I loved the idea of this mod...but can't get it to work.
I did everything, I get the window with the config files, I get the mod and can launch the editor. When I press the listin button, nothing happens???
ANy ideas?
plindsay on Feb-16-2009

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