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Zonda 1.10

By: JvsI Mod Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 03-Aug-06
Current release: 1.100, on 12-Sep-06

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'Juan and I (Ingy) loved SCC's Zonda to the core - we had the best races of our lives in it, and we really wanted this car to live on in rFactor. First we just wanted a simple conversion to have fun with, but as time passed we noticed it deserved a lot more. We are both admire Horazio Pagani and Leonardo da Vinci. The Zonda mod is our tribute to them.'


- Exe installer


- Mirror fix

- Physics

- Damage


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Wenn die Bekämpfung der Erschöpfung immer setzt ein, die Sie die meiste Zeit tauchen in vielfältiger landwirtschaftlicher Betriebselemente des Titels zu verbringen. Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Minen, Türmchen, sowie Ausbildung und Forschung Verbindungen an Ihrer Basis zu bauen. Barrieren können auch gekauft werden und aufgerüstet, um Ihre Kommandozentrale zu schützen und Ihre Truppen, als auch Ihre Helden müssen ebenfalls aktualisiert, wie Sie Ihre Kampagnen zu erreichen eine höhere Gefahrenstufe ist.
renames123 on Jan-13-2015

This mod is fantastic.. Excellent driving/physics experience..
Where can i find template to make my own skin ?
Thx for this mod.. HOF for me !!
proggy on Mar-17-2013

zz55 on Nov-05-2012

This is amazing in all kind off ways
Big respect
The best skins i see till now

Thanks a lot for this amazing nice mod
Lerper on May-24-2012

jahunta im also on windows 7 check the files to make sure all the right bits are in the right folders, as i stated in prev post cars werent in mine
gchef12 on Mar-04-2011

any people having problems with this mod? because it dont work for me, I have Windows 7 64 bit installed. every other car ive installed worked till now
Jahunta on Feb-27-2011

sorry new to rfactor so questions have probably been asked before but after downloading mod all i have is a pace car that im unable to use what have i done wrong ? great game/sim how on earth did it slip under my radar

(sorted not sure how but cars were not in folder}
gchef12 on Jan-26-2011

sad news, R.I.P Juan
flacomila on Oct-03-2010

one of the best rfactor mods ever, rip Juan G !!
measis on Aug-28-2010

Originally posted by: ubik.Bazza

Love this mod,downloaded it ages ago but didn't drive it much till i got le-mans a few days back, now i cant stop!

Something i have come across however, and if anything its not a fault of this mod but some other.

For some reason, when running these and some other mod (i suspect caterhams or some sports car challenge?) the client will get a .hdv missmatch!

I didnt have the missmatch myself, but a mate did when trying to join my server.Sending him the .hdv from my client or my server did not help. I made him re download the mod as well as completely re-install his client, but before he tried with just the zonda he re-installed all his other mods and could still not join.

Obviously its not the HDV itself that is missmatching, and one of the other mods he is installing is changing something, im buggered if i knwo what i just thought i would post up my findings so far here.

This is no way a criticism of this mod itself,I AM NOT BLAIMING IT! Its one of these other mods my mate has installed.

Other peeps have had this issue also,if you get it make a fresh install and just put the zonda mod and you will be fine.

Ill try and get my mate to install one mod at a time untill he finds exactly what causes this stupid missmatch.

I am almost certain its this sports car challenge thing he mentioned though, as i think (i have 3 client installs i run..) i have a client install with caterhams and it works fine.


I downloaded and installed this "sports car challenge" and it is what causes the missmatch with the Zonda's. I sure havent had the Zondas interfere with any other of the multitude of mods i run, but this SCC mod interferes with them, so i blaim the SCC!

Hope this will maybe save some peeps the time and effort of stuffing around finding out whyt hey get missmatch with this great single car mod.

Im going to go make a post in the thread for the SCC mod also.

I want to say BIG THX to ubik.Bazza for posting this sollution.

We also kept a hdv missmatch even after many new fresh installs, yesterday i deleted the SCC mod of our server now we finally can race this super great Zonda mod again.

Also BIG THX to the creators of this amazing Zonda mod@!

Keep up the good work guys!

Cheers JET-Slangie
Slangie on Jun-09-2010

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