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World Championship 1975 Class GTO 4

By: Jolo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: GT
Initial release: 22-Aug-08
Current release: 4, on 11-Aug-09

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Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: Jolo
Screenie by: NCIS
Screenie by: NCIS
Screenie by: Pain-less
Screenie by: Pain-less

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WORLD Championship 1975 Class GTO v4.0

For the individual Cars please read the Car special Readme!
This is a Mod for Long-distance Races like IMSA, WORLD Championship, DRM or 24H of Le Mans.

Including the special Mod "Factory outing".
This is a Mod with C3 Cabriolet-style Corvettes with minimal Setup for quick Fun.

These Mod is My Art of Conversion from GTL to rFactor and more, and required the original GTL Game!

I converted all Cars by myself! No Cars or Parts are used from any other Mod!
Similarities are by pure chance and unmeant.

I put a lot of my Heart, many many Hours of hard Work and many many of the best Paintings for these Cars (shure with Permission), from the Community around the World, and the famous Work from SIMBIN in one Piece.

No thirdparty Plugins for rFactor needed!
I can't give You Support if You use one, I don't use any.

There are no Traction control or ABS available!!!

Every Car can be selected in Game as a Standalone Mod!
In the World Championship, they will race together all!

Thanks to the Painters for there wonderful Work and the Permission to use there Skins, and pain-less for the Loadingscreens.
Please don't use these Paintings or Parts from these Mod, in other Mod's without Permission from the Owner!

Changings in Version 4.0:
60 new Corvettes,
4 new CSL,
Cars newly balanced,
some little Fixes

Changings in Version 3.2:
including missing Steeringwheels from the Capri RS,
fixed Arms of Capris,
replace DeTomaso Engine,
fixed Logo of World ChampionShip

Changings in Version 3.1:
some new Cars, currently 201 Cars
Fixed some major Mapping Bugs of the Original Cars,
All Cars have new Default Setup's,
The Cars are new ballanced,
All Cars with Driverarms in Cockpit, (de)-selectable,
a lot of Things more

Changings in Version 3.0:
35 new De Tomasos,
fixed a missing Wheel in low Detail at a CSL,
changing a little Bit Capri Sound

Changings in Version 2.2:
One new CSL,
fixed a CTD with a Porsche,
fixed missing Credits

Changings in Version 2.1:
One new CSL,
One new 911,
Fife new Capri RS,
fixed CTD when the last CSL is leaving the Server,
gives a littlebit more Breakperformance,
gives a littlebit more Grip,
Now Track specific Tires for all dry Nordschleife Tracks like Ring VLN or Nordschleife,
fixed some littel graphics,
give You more Fun

Changings in Version 2:
One new CSL,
two new 911,
40 new Capri RS,
for all Cars the Driver Feets are visable,
changing a little bit the Upshift delay,
fixed some littel graphics,

You have to know, in the 70'th there are no TC, ABS or selective Gearboxes available, because Nobody had imaginary this!
We had no electric blanket for the Tires, and they will have a lot of Time to become the Performance to go to the Limit.
Take Your Time to find out, whether You can race this Cars, maybe it will be a long Time. Lift Your Feet during Shifting, thats real! If you are burning your Engine, your Chief will be very unhappy!

Install instructions:

Main install:

Download all 3 parts from Version 3.2 in the same Folder and extract the WorldCSv3.2Part.7z.001 with 7zip!

Patch install:
Extract in temporary Folder, then press Patch_WorldCS1975GTO_v4.0.exe for install!
Now extract to Your rFactor Folder, where the Maininstall of World Championship 1975 is located.

Uninstall (any Version):
Place the included "uinstallWorldCS.cmd" in the rFactor Main-Folder where the rFactor.exe found.
Doubbleclick the "uinstallWorldCS.cmd" to remove the completely Worldchampionship from this rFactor installation!

Thanks to rFCentral for there Support

Please be Fair, and rate the Mod, not Your Ideals, thx


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There is only the Porsche and BMW in the 4.0 file. How do I obtain all the other cars?
viper10 on Jul-05-2015

Hi Jolo, thanks for sharing your Mod... You did a great job on this mod, and also on it's " Evolution " ( SimBin joke ).
No, really.
Maybe at first releases you might needed a GTL disk, but NOT anymore.
After reading all the negative comment's I was not sure if I could install the mod , but because I own GTR, GTL and GTR Evolution original Disk's ( and used GTL for other GT historic mods ) I gave it a go and downloaded it.
But your latest version v 4.0 didn't need a GTL disk or password.
So I want to update all those negative comments by saying ;

*** NO DISK or Password NEEDED ***

Now everyone can enjoy this GREAT Mod...

Thanks again.
Jamie Bakker on Jul-17-2013

complete mod in 1 file
Slobbeman on Jun-17-2012

Does anyone knows about 1965 Ford Galaxie ???

I have a 1981 Ford Galaxie ( Brazilian Model ), for race use. Historic Race cars.
visit and www,

I changed the Ford Falcon to the dimensions and many other things about the Galaxie, but it look like Frankenstein...
landau302 on Jun-16-2012

Hi Jolo
I owe you a lifetime of free Golf lessons.
All of your add ons are sooooo good, Thank you mate.
If you are ever on the Gold Coast of Austalia (Surfers Paradise)
Please let me know the weeks on me.
You have made my 12 year old son who is Autistic so happy, he loves BMW as do I and I use to own a CSL racer and you have bought it back to life.
Ozibimmer on Mar-27-2012

this is cant be telling me i need to buy another game so i can use a mod for rfactor, and why give a file a password that we dont know?????
morrisonliam on Feb-02-2012

Hello thank you for a wonderful mod im not sure if its just my computer maybe but i cant dowload part 3 from your sharefiles it gives me an error for part 3 only? im not sure if its just me just letting you know that the part 3 link may be messed up
BSpecRacer on Dec-13-2011

Birddogg66 on Jul-04-2011

Don't use the Version 1.0!!!
Use only the Content from my Downloadfolder!!!
There are v3.2 with patch to 4.0!!!
Jolo on Dec-24-2010

Hi , i would like to know what is the GTL dvd needed to install this mod , thanks
phil671 on Dec-07-2010

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