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Wet Track Tutorial 1

By: Alex 'The Lonely' Sawczuk

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The first draft of my wet track tutorial. I've done it to quite a low level detail, but you really need to know how to at least export and use the gmotor tools in 3ds max to create the reflection mesh.

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Latest Wet Track Tutorial Comments

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thank you very very much.and the link to download it work.
dvittael on Jan-13-2013

The 'Submit Link' form isn't working for me, so here I'll post the link here:
R Soul on Sep-13-2012

Sorry but I can't find any link, where can I download this?
gabry902 on Nov-06-2011

Is it possible in Blender?
SadLike on Jan-16-2011

That depends completely on the car, if a car has a static shadow it is always cast regardless of the light, the dynamic shadow on the other hand should become dimmer.
The Lonely on Oct-17-2008

Thanks for very good tutorial. I've got but one question: how to eliminate car shadow? It is still very pronounced even though I made the light dimmer.
Nebehr on Oct-17-2008

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