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WRC Subaru 1.2 1.24

By: Goibaka
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 13-Oct-10
Current release: 1.240, on 13-Oct-10

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Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: martinblader
Screenie by: martinblader
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: Goibaka
Screenie by: martinblader
Screenie by: martinblader

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

UPGRADES Mod WRC Subaru 1.20:

- New showroom and video LCD. Low showroom option too, x2 FPS.
- New real sounds
- New songs (Style DIRT 2)
- New categories order
- Headlights and brakelights fixes
- Now the vehicles are illuminated by the headlights
- Add reverselight
- Long light/short light option for night races
- Left Cockpit for impreza 06
- Add tests cars (blue and white skins)
- Add Impreza 08 (conversion DIRT 2) and more wheels
- Add Impreza 2000 (conversion RBR) and more wheels
- Add Impreza 2003 (conversion RBR)
- Add Impreza 2001 (conversion)
- Add Impreza 1995 (conversion DIRT)
- New rearwing.
- New frontbumper, impreza 2004
- Add Digital Gears Display
- Add skins from rfactorcentral
- Full damages. Bumpers damages (impreza 06 and impreza 04)
_ Two engines (real WRC wrx 308hp and extrem 653hp) + Improved engine for exhibitions

(+25%) and better physics
- Add Safety Car with emergency lights
- Fixed Inertias
- More settings in garage
- New tires and wheels.
- Better brakes
- Windscreen in Cockpit view
- Fixes multiple textures
- Now ignition engine.
- Add LEDs in cockpit (fuel, heat, shift and revlimiter)
- Now WRC mirrors.
- New helicopter camera

FIX 1.22__________________________________________________

FIX Mod WRC Subaru 1.22:

- Fix collisions HDV
- Fix Clutch time gears
- Fix Idle RPM in WRX engine
- Fix Handbrake. Now it's more realistic in corner
- New sound engine for Impreza 06

UPDATE 1.23________________________________________

Update Mod WRC Subaru 1.23:

- Add Impreza 2007 (conversion DIRT2)
- Fix Sound TopRPM
- New backfire sound
- Fix Safety-car sound engine and skin.
- Fix EXTREM Engine with 534hp & 625Nm as GYMKHANA impreza.
- New sounds engine for EXTREM mode
- Add Silver Tarmac Wheels.
- Fix texture Gold Tarmac wheels
- Add Gravel wheels.
- Fix BrakeTorque, cooling and heating tires. Fix BrakeGlow too.
- Add ExtraHard tire.
- Fix UNDERSHADOW texture in "All vehicles"
- Others fixes and changes


Update Mod WRC Subaru 1.24:

- Fix loading cmapsWRC.mas
- Add Wheels tarmac to Impreza 08
- New impreza 1995's sounds engine
- Fix Clutchfriction

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I'm in love with this mod. But are any templates for the hatchback version avaliable to download ?
heresy666 on Jan-11-2015

I installed this mod, I was amazed by the detail. Until I loaded a track and crashed to the desktop. very disappointed. Can't be bothered uninstalling a billion files. Is there a fix?
hol666 on Sep-20-2014

gamer561020 on Aug-04-2014

I can't get this to work either.
The game simply crashed to desktop when I try to load it.
Anyone else having the same problem?
JamesAMD on Jul-20-2014

My game wont load after I install the mod please help
Driftor on May-13-2014

This is a crear mod, but I hace amquestion
Are you going to relase more updates with more cars?
enrigisbert on Mar-29-2014

use this mod for gymkhana, it's the best. A BIG THANKYOU.
mikeblueberry on Apr-08-2013

can't load mod, it simply CTD
SmashingPants67 on Feb-28-2013

How can i turn on the light of the subaru safety car?
like @Samd4
gabibbo97 on Jan-07-2013

I can not run, when loading the track locks
Miguelaem on Dec-07-2012

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