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WCORR 1.26

By: WildmanMG and Matt Thompson
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 23-Nov-07
Current release: 1.260, on 26-Mar-08

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Screenie by: g-bor
Screenie by: g-bor
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Luis Aguirre
Screenie by: Luis Aguirre
Screenie by: Luis Aguirre
Screenie by: Luis Aguirre

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Welcome to World Championship Off Road Racing.
The ongoing future of ORR.
This is the next version of the great off road truck racing series.


New In this version:

- All four truck makes.
- New Chassis and suspension.
- Pro 4x4 class.

I want to thank MadCowie and for letting me continue this great series.
Special thanks to:
Mack Mechanic.
Jeremy and Matt Thompson.
Mark Zeidler.

And all who beta tested, painted skins and offered feedback. I couldn't have pulled this off with out you!


Download and Have Fun!


Update! WCORR Version 1.26

This update fixes some issues with version 1.25

Fixed mapping on Nissan and Toyota.
Fixed engine overheating.
Fixed no AI.
Fixed steering bug for pro4 trucks.

Also added plain sidewall tires and alittle surprise for all to try. ;-)

Please direct any issues,complaints, or comments to the forums at


Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\WCORR folder.

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ghermy11 on Jan-14-2015

i try these, why i dont know what wcorr is...
but this is awesome guys! i play with my friends and we havefun
olikaHD on Aug-12-2011

When I downloaded the 3ds MAX files from rapidshare....I only get the model and none of the textures....however when I tried to get the Model and Scene's it brings me to a site that looks like it has nothing to do with the mod itself :S ....So if anyone has the Models and Scene's I would love to get them somehow. Thanks!
(GRI) garv on Mar-11-2010

I have finished the WCORR update and is available for download at, the original WCORR 1.26 is there as well with templates. Registration is required
Eagleman on Dec-01-2009

Might there be a "Dodge" template runnin' 'round somwhere?
suesman on Nov-04-2009

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