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Vintage Sprint Cars 1.30

By: Bill Guillaume and Gilles Benoit Bob R Brian Schumacher
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 25-Aug-14
Current release: 1.300, on 04-Jan-15

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Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume
Screenie by: Bill Guillaume

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Howdy guys,

After a forever wait. I have the Vintage Sprint Car Mod ready to go. Links below. Check the readme for all the players involved. Took a while for me to get my RF knowledge to a point where I could get this finished. Had some great help and gifts from some very giving folks. This Is to represent the era of around the mid 1950's to the mid 1960's. All two bar cars. You can drive an Offy powered sprinter or V8. Both have different feels on the track due to their power outputs. The base setups are pretty tame and drivable. Get to jacking on it to get faster. The Offy and V8 setups do not like each other. Make separate one for each one.

There is a main download of the mod.
One of the paint kit with all templates.
One of the default rF sounds needed. (in case you don't have those and have sound issues)
One with some tracks in it. They are not my tracks. They some by various guys like CRO and Gator and others. These are some that I have found to run well with these cars. They are also tracks I will be running on my server for online racing. I did not want everyone needing to hunt the tracks down and that frustration. If someone does not want there track in there, let me know and I will pull it.

I have a sever running the tracks in the file. The name is "Vintage Sprint Car Racing". Refresh till you find it and come out and do some racing.

So, I guess after all this is time.....Here we go.

Wait.....Does that say Road cars??? Yes...I decided to do a fun what if Road Racing Series. Just imagine if after Rodger Ward kicked some ass in the midget... That these guys would go ahead and make these into full road race cars. Interesting idea! Check it out.

We are now updated to v1.3. With better safety car deployment.

Here are the links:
Vintage Sprint Car Mod v1.3:

Vintage Sprint Car Mod v1.2 to V1.3 Update:

Vintage Sprint Car Paint Kit:

Vintage Sprint Car Server Tracks:

RF Default Sounds (only needed if you have sound issues and do not have the rF original sounds):

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bill if you see this thank you for reading. the mod oh oh my god this is why i got rfator in the first place. i live in pa so dirt track racing is and has been in the pa area for god knows how long and i have raced a car and own one just like 1959 spec car. but also a cool addon to this being a car set from 1970 to 1979 car set they have a place in my hart since one of that spec got me my first win and i it would be so cool if you thot about is thank you and bye
hilll on Sep-21-2020

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Now add some 4-bar cars!
RenegadeRacer on Jan-31-2015

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