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Varano de'Melegari 1.10

By: Madhorse/Elwood
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 10-Jan-07
Current release: 1.100, on 20-Mar-07

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Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: elwood
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Giovanni "Madhorse" Mangione (Track & Objects modeling, textures)
Gabriele "Elwood" Bonora (Track & Objects modeling, textures, gMotor2 rFactotum)

-IMPORTANT, delete
FactoruserdatalogVarano.hat before update the track.


-Additional fictional Offroad Layout, not real but really funny with HRC and ORR mods.

-Fixed a bunch of little graphical bugs around the track, blurry sky, remapped some textures, better smoothing on many objects.
-More realistic car behaviour on dirty surfaces.

-Big shadows now cast on cars.

-Removed or resized dynamic shadows on some secondary objects for better fps performance.

-Vertex shading on dark zones, (thanks Nugit for his trick with them.)

-Multicam support (4 sets available) for the standard track.

-Added a 50 meter wide skidpad in the paddock area, that appears in testing days only.

-Pits now have two LOD.

-Four of six tire barrier on Icks chicane are now solid, so you have space to a little cut, but nothing more.

-As requested, added an invisible wall that doesn't permit cars going over the dike of the river.


The Varano Track staff and administrators (such as Mr.Maestri and Mr.Manfredi) for the efforts they made and the authorization given to us in order to create the virtual counterpart of the real track.

-ISIs for rFactor!
-Andrea "Afdelta" Fabris for some very useful suggestions on track editing.
-Uzzi for his tips&tricks with the aiw files and corridors hints.
-Gabriele Tondi who creates our website.
-Nugit (from Virtual_LM team) to gave us a fantastic script for 3D Studio max! (GMT_Wizard)
-The Racesimcentral Staff, who gave us 'the place' for share and learn a lot of knowledge on simracing and modding.
-All the beta testers.

Special thanks to Alessandro Balzan (racedriver in real life, that knows Varano de Melegari like his own hands) for all the important feedbacks about this track (eg:. the asphalt layers and bump properties and kerbs behaviour).

Virtual track is property of:

Via Strada per Fosio, 1
43042 Varano de' Melegari (PR)

Any conversion or reverse engineering is prohibited.
Any commercial use of the material inside the archive, is forbidden.

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Hi guys, is it possible to have the links for the rally layout of this track? thank you. I've downloaded somewhere the 1.6 version but there's an error while i try to unzip it.
TeoRedz93 on Nov-26-2014

formula124 on Aug-03-2013

WOW, fantastic job, unbelieving!
etienne_ on Nov-01-2011

Very fine Track . Thanks
Berkhan on Jan-12-2011

Yes it's bumpy, expecially in braking zone where new layers of tarmac were replaced, a kind of small step.
In a particular point (backstraight after Parabolica) single seaters drivers move inside the ideal line, to avoid a big one, onboard footage explain better.
Anyway i've updated the track like 2009, v1.2.
Next step will be on rF2, many modifications on the real one are on the way.
elwood on Jul-29-2010

I missed this update - excellent work. One of my favourite rF tracks just got better. It's a furious pace in F1 cars, if a little bumpy on corner entries. (This is to reflect the braking zone ripples?) The chicanes are more like esses and they have a nice flow - the direction change at speed in F1 cars is really something, and in less grippy cars the esses are open enough to slide through. Nice! Bumpy tracks need softer suspension, right? What else?
the_last_name_left on Jul-11-2010

This track is pretty fun
Gabkicks on May-24-2010

1.2 Version is available at www dot mbdevteam dot com, for rF, GTlegends and GTR2.

With 2009 as reference, plus the 'short' track that i miss in previous releases.
elwood on Apr-07-2010

Ragazzi quand'รจ che rendete disponibile il layout vecchio?
Ciudio on Dec-10-2009

This track is ace, it in my top 5
[UKG]Trotter2k on Sep-08-2009

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