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Vanport International Raceway 1.10

By: Global Motorsport Technologies
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 01-Dec-07
Current release: 1.100, on 01-Jan-09

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: Augustus
Screenie by: Augustus
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: The Lonely
Screenie by: The Lonely
Screenie by: The Lonely
Screenie by: The Lonely

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Vanport International Raceway 2007
by Global Motorsport Technologies

Resurfaced Road - Slightly Smoother and higher density mesh.
Improved Textures - (Road, Grass, Trees)
Shaders and Textures optimized for Nvidia Graphics Cards
Added extra elevation between T5 and T6
Added missing grandstand outside T6
Lowered curb heights slightly
Overhauled Water Shader and Textures
Added SLN's favourite animal
Updated wet weather lighting settings
Plus other minor tweaks


The Lonely: TrackTSO Modeling
SLN: TSOs and Textures
Border: Loading Screens
Gringosan: AI
Thorsten Rueter: Cameras


Vanport International Raceway created from scratch accurately recreating the elevations, cambers and nature of the circuit.

Features stunning visuals, including night lighting, grids for 45 vehicles and 2 layouts with and without the festival turns, as well as static wet layout versions.


This track absolutely has NO permission to be converted or changed in anyway. All content is copyright of its original owners and this track may only be used for personal usage on the simulator rFactor. I.e. It is strictly forbidden to be used in any simulators or arcades or to be sold for any money of any kind.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
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Thanks, one of the top best tracks.
spanishimperium on Apr-09-2014

Great track and I log more hours in this than any other track. Is there a plan to update it to the new layout? I know a few local racers that would love to have the new version to practice/play. Thanks for your great work!
mutti_wilson on Nov-15-2011

Hi Alex, I posted a comment on your website about he road surface being blur two to three car lenghts ahead. I can't post there anymore due to this error "ERROR: si-captcha.php plugin says captcha_library not found." So, I'm posting here..
I found something related, please see image on top corner. I use default texture filter(trilinear), when using anisotropic a higher amount of filtering causes my system to slow down, but it fixes the blur issue at some degree. The only difference is, Vanport blurs very abrupt(clear to blur, almost no transition), while all other tracks perform different. I tried using the Blurry Track Texture Fix uploaded on top, that didn't fix anything for me. Are there any other experiencing the same? Would you guys tell me what type of filter setting are you all using?
CapitanulHaos on Jan-18-2010

Thank you
CapitanulHaos on May-30-2009

My bad, guess I should look at a replay once in a while before I post . Awesome track first rate in every way
Montoyafan on Jan-31-2009

Great track! Only one itsy bitsy little thing missing......that little 11,249 ft rock to the east known as Mt. Hood This was my home track for a decade and I have been there dozens of times and on most clear days you can see Mt. Hood very well from both the front and back straights. And it would look extremely cool in Rfactor. I know the version in GPL had it in there, would it be possible in a future update? Would make a homesick boy very happy. Great work on this other than that
Montoyafan on Jan-30-2009

I know the layout was updated last year, this is pre those changes though. In terms of turning left and right at the right point it matches google earth perfectly from before those changes.
The Lonely on Jan-08-2009

One thing that needs to be updated, is the change in the track through turn 7 going into turn 8 (its more straight line now)

Overall though, this is as close to the real thing as you get. For the 18 years I have spend at this track working races (SCCA), and real racer not using this game/mod misses out on learning the many nuances that make this a great road course.
PDXracer on Jan-08-2009

Amazing track, just AMAZING! :-) I've driven CART98 and CC06 and gear shifting with the lever instead of shift pedals made so much fun. I think the bumpiness of the festival corner is just fine. I wish we had such a great Toronto, Belle Isle and Surfers! :-) Great work!!
mcfritt on Jan-06-2009

Originally posted by: SLN

That's because the start/finish line texture is a tiled higher resolution texture, so we could put a lot more detail on that one.

And it's not possible to treat the other textures the same way?
[dd]Butch on Jan-06-2009

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