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Top Gear Test Track 1.10

By: Mike Cantwell
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Mar-08
Current release: 1.100, on 14-Jul-08

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Screenie by: jbworldchamp
Screenie by: jbworldchamp
Screenie by: jbworldchamp
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Top Gear Test Track, i.e. Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey England.

Version 1.100 released 14-07-08

What is new;

New sky By Neil 'Krunch' Faichney

A few new scratch built buildings

Version 2.000 soon!!


Scratch built by Mikec87 (Mike Cantwell)
Thanks to Peter from Dunsfold Park for permission to create.
Thanks to ISI for rFactor
Skies from Northhamponshire.
Cam files Peter Holt.
Thanks to Peter Holt for the loading screen.
Thanks to ISIMike for assistance and putting up with silly questions.
Thanks to all the other talented people that make the various tools to allow me to do this

Car park.
Correct tree heights.

Lots of other things too

All the best,
Mike Cantwell …. Mikec87

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The track won't load
ENTERSANDMAN13 on Oct-03-2012

there's an error while loading this track
numan93 on Mar-30-2012

In the next version maybe release tv cams for bbc top gear? In special the cam for bentley.

Manoliky89 on Feb-17-2012

To anyone who has downloaded the 1.100 patch be warned the file contains adware called - Adware.Onlinegames that was only detected with Malwarebyte's.
hardcoreboi1983 on Feb-13-2012

Where can I find that Reventon?
Sasuke024 on Jan-23-2012

I think there must be somethng wrong with the track, or i´m very good.........because i can do a lap with a normal bmw in 1:17 on my 3erd lap ever, without even ajusting must be to short or something.......¿?
Spittfire on Dec-18-2011

Epic typo
ILikeEggs on Oct-30-2011

I'm currently running dx11 and rfactor has never crashed on me
if your having problems i dare say it would be your hardware/software confuguration
ILikeEggs on Oct-30-2011

@Dawnielle: It looks like the Rhez is coded at 169 bhp, compared to the Lacetti, which can develop a max of 127 bhp in the 2.0L configuration. So I'm not exactly sure how the Rhez would compare power-wise, but 1:47 certainly compares favourably to the faster end of the SiaRPC boards. (FWIW the Stig's time in the Liana was 1:44.4).
rujoking on Aug-05-2011

Someone mentioned earlier that it will only run crash free in DX9. Other than that I'm not sure.....has never crashed on me.
Dawnielle on May-02-2011

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