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The BullRun 2.60

By: The Pits
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 30-Oct-06
Current release: 2.600, on 24-Oct-08

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The original classic roadcourse from 1997...Gilles puts his expertise into another excellent track, the completely rebuilt Bullrun track originally built by Papyrus. Version 2.6 was built just for the Bullrun 1000, complete with snow for the November race.

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Latest The BullRun Comments

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Why is the ai so impossibly fast?
Machine1964 on Aug-29-2010

Thank you for this wonderful track!!!!
heli15 on Dec-28-2008

Did I really say great track ?

Wrong, this is one of the best tracks ever ! driving it every night again with friends, and the Serie_Internationale_Du_MP carmod fits here absolutely.
Join us and lets have some fun: server ! Andre, carefull there are some nasty corners !
André on Nov-05-2008

Amazing track
babadu on Nov-01-2008

Thank you very much ;-) downloading....
Gonzaga on Oct-24-2008

thanks for this track! I have good memories of it from ICR2.
fminus on Oct-24-2008

Didn't know the previous version, though this is a really great track, I love it !
Also great to drive with the Epsilon Esukadi cars.
Thanks for your time to creating it !
André on Oct-24-2008

The new hairpin down the back straight is a nice addition. Overall, the track surface is noticeably smoother than in the last incarnation of this classic (used to have abrupt track drop on approach to the first banked right hander, plus near the start of the back straight).

Looking forward to someday racing this online with a 20+ field! Thanks
NitrousOxideUK on Oct-24-2008

Version 2.0 has some of the most significant changes to the Bullrun track since it was first released by Papyrus way back in the Nascar RAcing 2 days(or was it Nascar Racing 3?) New pits and garages, a narrow new passing hairpin just before the big last corner, Even some landscaping so that the blind Turn 3 is opened up for safety. ((Ever come round T3 and found a car spun-out right in front of you?)) Runoff areas have been improved in some areas as well.
This will be THE version that will be used with the NAGT mod for the upcoming Bullrun 1000.
davehenrie on Oct-23-2008

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