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Suzuki Cappuccino 0.20

By: Mick777oz and Vancstar
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Mick777oz
Screenie by: Mick777oz
Screenie by: Mick777oz
Screenie by: Mick777oz
Screenie by: Mick777oz
Screenie by: Mick777oz
Screenie by: Mick777oz
Screenie by: Mick777oz

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Best of the Kei cars. ;)

Model's pretty much done (though needs work to make it work properly with rF, like one smoothing group). Model will be polished after physics are completed.

04/01/10 - Engine built.
05/01/10 - Suspension built to match real-life suspension.

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Any details if this mod will be finished at all? Looks really good and would be a fun car to drive
Kumczor on Jul-05-2013

I do own one. I also own the full shop books for it (which is how i modelled the suspension). This is my first mod for any game so getting into the nuances of exporting models etc is new. I have a drivable car at the moment but it is far from share-worthy. For those waiting, just letting you know it will be a realistic representation so don't expect it to grip like it's glued to the road. Though it only has 63bhp the real thing is quite lively and adjustable at the limit. I am able to record telemetry data so i'll be doing my best to match that as closely as possible. There will be a race version later on. I'll be doing my best to chase down details from a few i've seen that are in Japan.
Mick777oz on Aug-07-2011

Hi mick, Do you own a cappuccino?
If not, my friend has one that we are repairing at the moment so if you need any photos or measurements or anything please don't hesitate to ask. I would love to see this up and running, keep up the good work.
mem_dori on Jul-12-2011

Finally about to get back to this. Sorry for those waiting; Life has been somewhat hectic with finishing uni, balancing work, life etc.
Mick777oz on May-29-2011

Hi Mick, How's it going? I used to have one of these amazing cars!
mini_se7en on Mar-21-2011

Progress has stalled for the moment as i'm in my last semester of university. It'll still get done.
Mick777oz on Oct-17-2010

Have you got any more progress in this car? i'm very ansious to got it.
EMI11SKYLINE on Sep-29-2010

Nice to 'meet' someone else who owns one. Progressing slowly (darn life getting in the way) but surely.
Mick777oz on Apr-01-2010

Awesome one of my favorite cars ever in Rfactor finally i can drive my car in a proper sim
Chrisuu01 on Mar-28-2010

Very nice, looking forward to this one..!
Raido1 on Feb-20-2010

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