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Superkart Challenge 3

By: Slimjim
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Karts
Initial release: 15-Jan-06
Current release: 3, on 15-Mar-07

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Screenie by: stu holden
Screenie by: stu holden
Screenie by: Ruker
Screenie by: Ruker
Screenie by: Ruker
Screenie by: Ruker

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This is the last installment of the Superkart series.. many updated things..AI, damage and some new textures, also a few physics tweaks to make this even a little better than the older versions.. also new driver and Helmet..

In the Superkart update v3.1, i have fixed the bouncing issue with the A, and C karts...and also tweaked the lods in the gen file... when you unzip this, just drop it in your rFactor main folder, and click yes to overwrite... if it does not ask for the overwrite, you placed it in the wrong backup, and try again...this update will cause a mismatch, until all servers and people install this update... pass the word to get the new update... Thank you.

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Pokosta, try again, link updated.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Nov-05-2012

That link is no longer avaiable. Anyone who has an updated link for downloading?
Pokosta on Nov-05-2012

Does anyone have any ideas why Every other RF Mod works with my 3 monitors except this kart Mod. The two side monitors are blacked out. But on the side monitors I still the GID stuff displayed. Is it the GID mod screwing with the triple display. Help... T.I.A
fsrguy on Jun-19-2012

Originally posted by: Sasuke024

where can I get that indoor track in the screenshot? it's awesome!!!!
JDEP on Nov-30-2011

where can I get that indoor track in the screenshot? it's awesome!!!!
Sasuke024 on Jul-26-2011

This is the first mod I prefer to drive in rFactor instead of driving in reality! I think a Superkart going 240 kmh without a rollbar is a very dangerous thing to do! But thanks to Slimjim we have a very good alternative in rFactor. The superkarts are very good looking (some more skinns would be nice), the sound is good and the physics are very good. The "Sense of Immersion" scale on rFactorCentral is to short for this mod, I would like to give it 7 stars !!!
There are a couple of things which aren't perfect. I have changed the cockpit eyepoint (in the cockpitinfo.ini file) from (0.000, 0.620, -0.23) to (0.000, 0.620, -0.43). This way the eypoint is a bit closer to the steering wheel.
The forcefeedback makes my Logitech steering wheel very nervous. I know forcefeedback is a weak point in a lot of rFactor mods, but this one is a bit of a problem. I will switch off Force Feedback Effects every time when driving this mod.
As in the real superkarts, there are no mirrors. So when somebody tries to overtake you, you will see him when it is to late!

@Rockett_man, are you shure the person you have spoken did drive a 250cc superkart, and not a 125cc superkart?
NitroMcClean on May-03-2011

Good Mod BUT I know that the physics are wrong. This is a true story. I spoke to a driver of the Superkarts at Castle Combe after he'd done a lap, and he told me that he did the lap, with chicanes, by only lifting off the throttle once, because he got the corner wrong. The rFactor version needs pretty decent braking for most of the corners. Thats an idea for V4
Rockett_man on Sep-02-2010

Originally posted by: JDEP

Here's an active ink to the SuperKart v3.1 Mod.

BTW, thnx Slim....great mod......and the 3.1 version fixed the bouncing problems with the A and C class Karts just fine.

Thank you very much great )))))
Yokozuma on Aug-04-2010

hello have you a template for realised the skin?
thank you
naunaud329 on Mar-03-2010

what's the track in the latest picture?
TK100 on Feb-18-2010

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