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Super Modifieds 0.10

By: Pickeljuice
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: pickeljuice
Screenie by: pickeljuice

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Here is a Super Modifieds model Mapped and ready to run !

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you all should try this 1 until he has the permission to use these models. . Our DRT models were made for NHeat and are very low poly for bigger fields of online racing in a server.This is ours and he does not have permission to use any of it.
DRT_55 on Dec-26-2011

look a lot like our POWC cars we have in heat, hope you got permission to use them, i'll even give you our forum link expect to hear from you soon for permission
DRT_10 on Dec-26-2011

I'm like the others. Can't wait for this to be released. Would like to test if you need people to. Thanks for your time doing this.
Derren on Oct-09-2011

can you do a figure 8 late model(outlaw) from the indianapolis Speedrome next?????? want them bad
ACJMS on Sep-11-2011

< SO ready for these long overdue cars for rFactor - Love it , THANK YOU !
Lewtheshoe on Sep-05-2011

whats the time frame on these bad boys?? cant wait!
LukesDragons on Aug-27-2011

Cant wait for theses!
geoff52 on Aug-05-2011

Is that based on a nz mod?
coolman55 on Aug-01-2011

can i beta test? looks pretty close to me!
bigturds on Jul-26-2011

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