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Super Formula 2013 1.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 23-Jul-13
Current release: 1.100, on 21-Oct-13

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Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia
Screenie by: Luthien J Remillia

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SuperFormula 2013 V1.1 10/20/2013 for rFactor1

/////////////////ATTENTION TO INSTALL////////////////////
*We take no responsibility any troubles and damages.

If you have old version, Please delete that first.

The SuperFormula2013 MOD, created by ITO modding team.
SuperFormula is the Top Formula championship in Japan.
This series was called "FormulaNippon" before 2012.

This MOD included reality 11 teams and 2 engine suppliers.
Hope you will enjoy our MOD.

Series Features
*Car is Swift 017n, manufacturer is Swift engineering.
*Engine is powered by HONDA or TOYOTA, that is 3400cc V8 N/A.
*6speed semi-automatic transmission.
*Tire supplier is Bridgestone.

*Top speed is over 300kph.
*SF13 cornering speed is equivalent to Formula1 car now.

///////////////////VERSION UP ITEMS//////////////////////

[ Graphic ]
Model adjustment of cockpit.
Adjustment of the mounting point suspension arms.
Flashing Enabling lamp of OVER-TAKE-SYSTEM.
Add simple tachometer, lap counter, the position display, update the font.
Enable moving arms.
Material change of tire.
Coordination of on-board camera.
Adjustment of the helmet behavior.
Adjustment of the mirror position and behavior.
Correction of typo of skin referenced.
Correction of typo in the upgrade file.
Correction of typo head of behavior.
Correction of typo of vehicle information file.
And correction of typo in the GEN file.

[ Physics ]
Change of vehicle air resistance.
Change of air resistance the rate of change of the slip stream at the time.
Change of engine performance.
Change of suspension for improve steering response.
Change the default setting.
Change the setting spring width.
And adjustment of the clutch control characteristics.

Modeling,Physics,Manager: L.Remillia
PhysicsAdviser:Emilia Petrarca,Miura Azusa
Sound file supplier: C3-R2

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Another circuit based on the 2012 season, several circuit curves for both sides, with a huge line, in my opinion one of the best. Feel free to give their opinions and do not forget to vote in the degree evaluation Thanks.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

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newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

Is there any chance to do SF 2014 mod?
misiex on Jul-04-2014

Hey there!
Awesome mod. The only problem I'm having with it is that I can't get AI talent files to work with it. I went in and monkey'd with the rfm a bit to read "DriversDir=GAMEDATA\TALENT\SuperFormula2013\"... and created a folder to match. But that doesn't seem to be working well at all.
For the record, other mods have talent files working fine on my computer. So it's just an issue with this mod.
Otherwise though, great Mod!
LightbulbSun on Feb-04-2014

Other video of the MOD:
warsk8 on Jan-11-2014

To Luthien Remillia: hello, can you please contact me by email?
I need to discuss with you about the engine / turbo model performances for new features we at RFE are developing for rFactor1
Many thanks in advance,
Slow Motion, Head of PR, Graphics & Web Site Coordinator, Co-Admin of
SlowMotion on Jan-05-2014

@GeneralKenobiSIYE. Email me about the tires!
xerocoul on Dec-04-2013

Video of the MOD:
warsk8 on Oct-22-2013

I have a question. I'd like to change the tire models to use the 2006 Bridgestone tires from the Champ Car 2006 mod. Any way I can go about doing that? I like the tire shape and the red sidewalls and I'd like to have them on this car.
GeneralKenobiSIYE on Oct-17-2013

Cant wait for the update Luthien J Remillia, absolutely love this mod!
anels9 on Oct-13-2013

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