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StockCar Series 2

By: Alamas
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 03-Jul-08
Current release: 2, on 15-Jul-08

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Screenie by: Alamas
Screenie by: Alamas
Screenie by: mcopy
Screenie by: mcopy
Screenie by: Alamas
Screenie by: Alamas
Screenie by: Alamas
Screenie by: Alamas
Screenie by: Alamas
Screenie by: Alamas

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**************** IMPORTANT !!! ***********************
Some files are missing in the v2.0 ! I'm so sorry.

****************Changes from v1.0 *******************
Only the inversion between class and category of vehicles that caused online CTD. by the way, new skins where added (extra cars).


StockCar Series is fictionnal mod but it tries to simulate the V8 cars championship organized by Jean Alesi in the Middle East and Asia.
The 3D model and the sounds used in this mod are the ISI National StockCar one's. Physics are self-made and they are completely and totaly differents. I hope you like them ! Just keep in mind that these cars are quite difficult to handle because of the strong rollpitch and his heavy weight. There is no electronic aids.

I have optimized the mod, and specialy the AI, for the offline players.
All AI's cars are reworked to run on :
- Sepang (GP4),
- Bahrain (CTDP),
- Istanbul_08 (Com8),
- Jiading (ISI),
- Brianza GP and Pirello (ISI)
- Toban Long (ISI)
- Northamptonshire (British GP) (ISI)
- Nuerburg (European GP) (ISI)
- Essington Long (ISI)
- Barcelona (ISI)
- Orchard Lake (RoadCourse) (ISI)

I do not guarantee an absolute realistic behavior on the others tracks. So please do not judge the mod on tracks which aren't listed before.

************** Recommanded settings ***************

in the PLR files
AI Limiter=0.00000 instead of 1.00000
AI Mistakes=1.00000 instead of 0.00000
AI realism=0.50000 (can be set in game)

The base setup is good, in my opinion. Some people may will prefer harder suspensions.

Finally, DO NOT USE Traction Control ! This mod wasn't made this way.

********************** Thanks ************************

Many thanks goes to ISI for this fantastic game. Thanks to John Bayley from ISI for the autorization to create my own mod too.

Thanks to
- douzeur for the numerous beta tests.
- snelya for online tests (v2.00).

Special thanks
- Benett some beta tests
- Koolpapy precious advices for the use of Photoshop
- ChristofR videos of Speedcar Series


any question

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Hi, this is great mod. Where can i find the car template?
malejo27 on Dec-28-2012

In the old comment archive Toonces wrote - Quote

{ "Another car mod that works extremely well with Monza 1967 is "StockCar Series 2.00".......I decided to "help" the mod's road-racing capabilities by adding a fifth gear and a rear anti-sway bar (not strictly necessary), and by slightly improving the available braking torque with a few simple, plain-text edits of the .hdv file. The end result is a car that laps Monza at almost exactly the same time as GPL's F1 cars (mid-1:20's), with a slightly lower top speed but awesome "drafting" suction. Great fun to drive (very chuckable, as in, "drive it like you hate it"). I'll send directions (and a copy of the edited file) if you PM me." }


I thought this sounded like fun so PMed Toonces but no reply so far (I'm impatient) but have no idea how to go about it so can anyone provide the required information?
Fastfest on Jul-12-2009

It's a very cool mod and a great contrast to the Late Models, and NASCAR mods. But the FIA stock car series is actually called SpeedCar so you might want to update the name to that
LizardFolk on Sep-23-2008

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