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StockCar Evolution 2012 1.00

By: StockCar Evolution Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 21-Feb-12
Current release: 1.000, on 21-Feb-12

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Screenie by: StockCar Evolution Team
Screenie by: StockCar Evolution Team
Screenie by: M_Schreiner
Screenie by: M_Schreiner

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Stock Car Evolution (SCE) is a scratch built stock car simulator mod for rFactor which has been in development since 2005. It brings the intensity, grit, and roaring sound of NASCAR to the PC and rFactor.

In SCE we use real world information to develop our physics in all three of our series, resulting in the most realistic driving experience possible. A dedicated team of developers, from a former Microsoft & NASCAR software engineer to software developers, adds to what is already the most realistic NASCAR simulator on the planet. Simply put . . . SCE is a true stockcar SIMULATOR!

The Evolution continues with the release of our new and improved SCE 2012. New levels of detail in both physics and graphics combined with years of development make this version the best stock car racing simulator to date.

We would also like to thank all of the leagues that tested our Beta versions at ESRL and provided valuable information and feedback for us.

You too can provide feedback for future development through our forums at www.StockCarEvolution.Com.

SCE is a "Stand Alone" rFactor mod, do not install it over your original rFactor install. The SCE installation includes rFactor already built in.


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Nice stock car mod,with good skins
Michy99 on Mar-18-2015

Stock Car Evolution has been a great improvement for our league. Having previously run 2 other stock car mods for rFactor in previous years, SCE has proven to be more than we could ask. While this thread is for the 2012 version, every year it gets an update and improves! SCE has a great team of developers and great interaction with drivers/leagues for troubleshooting and improvements. Our league has grown each year as a result of its ability to compete with the paid racing of iRacing. It has also created a new community for sim racing, which we lost after losing NR2K3, as multiple leagues offering different racing options are all together within one mod community. Be sure to check out their site for the most recent 2014 version.
GlennP on Mar-08-2014

This Mod would have to be the best Nascar mod out there I have run this mod for well over 3 years , each year the updates from 2011 to 2012 get better each time and releast on time
I have run all Mods this is the best by a million miles
HenryT on Oct-03-2013

good mod! i have double blowover (like NR2003) in talladega
RafiRaditya23 on Jul-30-2013

awesome mod, i appreciate all the hard work by all who helped. the only thing that concerns me is the bounciness of the cars. to me it seems super bouncy for a nascar considering there springs are relatively hard. and also the cup cars have a coil bind setup as default which is not aloud in a sprint cup cars... really only the trucks use coil binds i dont even think nationwide does.

besides that like i said awesome mod ! keep up the amazing work !
LtModz on Dec-08-2012

Very cool Mike
rogue667 on Sep-19-2012

I've got the mod installed, separate as instructed. I can do everything but load the tracks. When I try, it crashes straight to the desktop without any explanation why it did. Any ideas? I've tried configuring it in lower resolutions, lower than even the actual rfactor sim itself and it still crashes.
hammer81tn on Jul-12-2012

Guys we've deleted some comments at the modder's request. Please post any further comments to their forum, as listed in the message above. Thanks
[RFC]-Fresh! on Apr-02-2012

Please use for comments or questions.

We have asked rFactorCentral to close this forum and in particular to remove Marc69be. Because of his continued ranting nothing useful can be done here.
joel_brown on Mar-30-2012

Face the facts

VHR has been the nascar mod for years.

SCE not a bad Nascar Mod

SSS is new and is ahead of its compitition and will probably cont.

SSS Facts

Iracing is a great game. Cup cars are not hard to drive

The fact is SSS is closest to IRACING than any of these mods.

VHR & SCE will take the idea's SSS has released to keep up with the compitition.

Time will tell.

I will support the best to get more great features. Sorry but its SSS for me
NASCAR2011 on Mar-25-2012

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