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Spotter Plugin 2.17

By: carlomaker and F1Dave

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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!!! See the ReadMeFirst.pdf file (included in the package) for installation instructions. !!!

The spotter plugin version 2.17 is the Windows Vista compatible version.

Brief history:
Version 2.02 was released and found to be incompatible for Vista users. I started to program my own voice recognition software to replace pilfius and Carlo was a great help to tweak the plugin so that this new software could be used. After a few months of developpement, Carlo went missing and the only time I have spoken to him was because he wanted to tell me that he is stopping work on the plugin. Having spent countless hours of my own precious life on this too, I continued and wanted to release my self and asked Carlo for the code to correct the remaining bugs myself. He refused and has not responded to any of my emails since.

Sorry everyone, looks like this is the last version :(

So here goes, the version that will bring Vista users the spotter plugin they deserve.

Basic knowledge of XML will be usefull although not essential if you want to change the Grammars.xml file. Through this file, you can acheive the custom keys sent to rFactor like Pilfius was doing. Race administrator can also call admin commands from their cars. Example: "Clear Yellow" will send out the "/clearyellow" command. Look around in the grammars.xml file. I would have done a graphical interface to manage that file through the SpotterConfig but quite frankly, I don't want to spend more time on this since Carlo will not update it anymore and has dropped the ball.

It does not use pilfius (which does not work under vista) and has it's own voice recognition software (VR.exe). A few bugs have also been corrected in the plugin itself but I don't have the complete list.

A VERY special thanks goes out to everyone at for their support and testing. Without them, this version would have never come out. Join the league... they're very friendly and welcoming, and the competition is tough but fair and clean.

A big thank you also goes out to everyone involved in the developpement and testing of the original plugin.

Known issues:
- VR recognizes "Twenty Laps" through "Twentynine Laps" without a problem and writes it to the output file but the plugin does not recognize it. Propbably a typo in the plugin code.
-> Can only be fixed by Carlo

- There seems to be a mix up between the "is faster than you by", "Is Slower than you by", "is Ahead by" and "is behind by" messages
sometimes the plugin would say that the driver ahead is faster than you by 20 seconds... but that 20 seconds is a gap, not a lap difference. And then the plugin tells you the same driver is ahead by 20 seconds" or any variation... I did not find any logic in this whole thing.
-> Can only be fixed by Carlo

- When disabling Nascar Mode through hot keys (default hotkey... I have not tried changing them), rFactor Crashes (for me anyways).
-> Can only be fixed by Carlo, although keeping the nascar mode on, I finally find it usefull even in non-oval races it tells me when i'm side-by-side with someone... just have to remember that outside is right and inside is left (outside and inside as in an oval course...)

Old versions information

SP v2 is a natural evolution of my spotter concept.
so there are a lot of news, concatenated audio-files,
driver nick audio files.
Through Pilfius! a Voice commands recognition is possible ask spotter many info.
Please it is very important open ReadMe.pdf and Setting a V.2 Sound Pack.
Unistall any previous installation.
Audio Library by FMOD.

Extract into rfactor folder
2.x Required
fix CTD start/finish line
include background mp3 into /GameData/Sounds/PIT
Sorry for any apoligies

Extract into rfactor folder
2.0 required
What's new :
-Trace Index = 5 bug fixed (win2k users)
-Spanish translation by Sasker
-German translation by SirMaverick
-rfOw / Champ Car slow menu Fix
-fix on green flag CTD (i hope it)
-traffic and position work on practice
-new Log file in rfactor folder (outFile.txt with driver list mp3)

v.2 Beta Public
-In the Installer choose the rfactor folder ,
-After Installer done, Select The Sound Pack before launch rFactor
-Spotter work only on 1250 or later
-If u want use Voice Commands (Pilfius) SAPI 5.1 is mandatory,
launch sapi.exe , extract and then launch Setup.exe
-Framework 2.0 required for work on SpotterConfig.
-it is preferable to uninstall any previous version before Full install
-SC ll ask u to change some values into plr,these are easy.

Knows bugs:
-on Some OS rf dont appear on top most after pilfius launch.
-Disabling the hardware acceleration plugin also disables the spotter plugin
- When a driver joins a game after at least one lap has been completed by another driver, the plugin receives incorrect data from the game concerning sector times so the notifications for fastest in 1st and 2nd sector might be wrong
- Notifications might be wrong if join on high ping servers
- The plug in receives data 2 time to the second.
-Dont disable all session (quick race).it s necessary at least a warm up.
-It was hard work ...sometime it's possible hear a wrong message.
Pilfius is not compatible with Vista64

Spotter Plugin: Carlo Maker
Official support forum: Racing on the Web (
Pilfius!: Diego Wasser (
FMOD: Advanced Audio Library (

Dedicated to Angela: My just wife for all her patience...

Thanks To:
F1Dave: Project assistant, Spotter Configuration programming, Official English Sound Pack. Audio editing and many more
a great friend so far away...
MaxyM: Project assistant, Polish,Official Polish Sound Pack and hard beta testing.
Iarno: Official Italian Sound Pack.
Sasker :Official Spanish Sound pack /spanish traslation.
SirMaverik:Deutsche Sound Pack traslation
Simoneser: Graphics.
Lukaikkonen: Beta testing.
RickyS: Beta testing.
AsMagic: Beta testing and Italian translation of Spotter Config.
Smirk: Beta testing.
Dalhil: Various help
Max_A: Various help
Thanks to ISI and T_Bone for this wonderful game platform.

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but... 2.17 download link?
Alek.Fantomas on May-13-2020

Pilfus must be from a older version ? and why is not latest download link to v 2.17 posted here ?


all files related to spotter old an new versiona other language http://trippteamdownload.serve...0pictures%20+%20more/

Read me version spotter V2.17 read me a pdf file http://trippteamdownload.serve...2.17%20ReadMeFirst.pdf
Slobbeman on Dec-07-2014

Hi, how can I use voice commands? I have installed PiLfIuS but it shows up that I dont have any speech recognition engine installed. Any solution? I have Win 7 x64 and rFactor1.255
NOHA on Dec-06-2014

I can't install the plugin because during the installation the setup can't download the speech SDK.

(L'installazione non riesce perchè il setup da errore al momento di scaricare le SDK di speech 5.1, dice errore 404 del link)
Starfighter24 on Jun-05-2014

I still had the slow menu bug with 2.17 and too many problems so I install v. 1.11 and that works GREAT!!! Using windows xp and no problems. Thanks Carlos and F1Dave
speedracer1234567890 on Jun-01-2014

Hi Carlos!

You do not think about it modernizes! This excellent program spotter?
To make it more stable?
LuisFelipeBRA on Apr-26-2014 is a ok site or better if you have a michrophone record when you say the drivers name observe that you must name AI if you race offline with the new names or in the mod drivers name i use spotter online then i do drivers name that we use in our liga races but the file must have same name as drivers name in the server so spotter name drivers right
Slobbeman on Jun-11-2013

Is there a f1-1991 driver names sound pack out there for the spotter plug-in? i looking for the spotter to say drivers names while in a race! if not what is the text-to-speech program out there so i can add these mp3 files to sounds/pit/spotter plugin/drivers folder in the game!
mike27466 on Jun-10-2013

Spotter 2.17 Link Here

I hope RFC have sorted all problems on this site it have had problems with it last 2 weeks now to even open site ..
Slobbeman on Sep-11-2012

Hi "Carlomaker",

i've got a nerving bug in Spotter 2.17, sometimes during qualifying he is saying "XXX has taken the pole", "XXX is in pole position" very very often in a row, so that i have to disable the plugin until the next session / or till somebody else gets the pole.

Please fix it and bring updates for this great addon!
DoktorRotax on Aug-17-2012

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