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Spa 2007 0.50

By: Apex Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Yoss
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Screenie by: Yoss

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olisoft have the real gps coordinates and elevations of the track and SLN make the textures for the track


added a video of the z06gt3 in SPA2007 on vimeo and in HD VERSION :

08/08/2009 edit : we don't continue to support and post something here about the wip , you can continue to follow him on racing fr forum or on apex web site

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When is the track finish?
F1 2004 on Sep-03-2010
NAD on Aug-11-2010

hello , any news ,please ,about Spa ?!
cico76 on Mar-22-2010

not dead wip , you just forget to read everything here in the presentation : no srw/rfc support

no screens here ,no informations, for this kind of things ,follow us on racing fr forum or apex forums, we recnetly add some news screens of forem part of the track , karting house and more
Yoss on Mar-15-2010

this movie it's very nice , don't forget the left stand of start line or finish.
cico76 on Feb-08-2010

MS7XWDC on Jan-30-2010

what did you make it with? because it say on one of the pictures autodesk
Shedman on Aug-15-2009

Hi Apex team. Given the fact there is trouble on the horizon with respect to SRW, can you give some short info how you will handle WIP info and the release of this track? I'm still looking forward to a great Spa circuit. Should we only look on your homepage in the future?
mcfritt on Aug-08-2009

Good news SLN! Retiring is for the old people only OK, I'm still wondering how good AI F1 cars will do on this track. Last time I tested one of the currently available Spa versions, they did not manage to enter the pits properly most of the time. They just hit the wall, again and again. LOL Keep up the good work, the vid on VirtualR looks promising!
mcfritt on Jul-10-2009

thank you for the work
crbassassin on Jul-10-2009

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