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Skoda Octavia Cup 3.10

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 23-Jul-06
Current release: 3.100, on 27-Mar-09

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Screenie by: Ginja
Screenie by: Ginja
Screenie by: H_Power
Screenie by: H_Power
Screenie by: SonyDj
Screenie by: SonyDj
Screenie by: Mirzza
Screenie by: Mirzza
Screenie by: TUNDRA_willie64
Screenie by: TUNDRA_willie64

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Skoda Octavia Cup 06 / 07 / 08 version 3.1

----------- is pleased to introduce to you the next generation of Octavia mode, which already has lot of fans worldwide. The seasons 2006 and 2007 are not changed, both the 3D model and physics.
But the season 2008 is completely new. The 3D model is made by proffesionals, as well as the base textures (maps).
The skins are already made by our league members, for what we would like to say big thanks!!
The major change is then in car physic and behaving. In season 2008 I started to work like team engineer in REAL championship of Skoda Octavia Cup in Czech Republic. This helped a lot to get the proper information and aspects of this great car.
So based on this data, telemetry, knowledge and also the driver's subjective feelings, I get all these parameters into the 2008 car characters to move it as close as possible to the real car.
This doesn't mean the older season car are wrong, but in 2008 was changed the general supplier of tires and it caused the dramatic change of the car behaviour.
All knowledge which I get in the last real season, I'm now offering to you in this next evolution step of the mode based on the great rFactor engine and hoping you will enjoy it.

3D - Geafer
2D - Nightman
Physics - Mirzza

3D - Revelli
2D - Perg, Pida, Mirzza
Physics - Mirzza
Piotr 'ylid' Wasilewski - consultant, help with suspension

Templates included

Version 3.1 solved CTD bug

Install : simply unrar to rFactor directory, and overwrite old mod.

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Thank you! We (Raleigh Car Detailing) have enjoyed the mod. - Mike from
morso on Oct-02-2020

will you do next Octavia III. ? for racing series
cappi on Jul-28-2013

Where can I download it other than RFC?
Hauptmann6 on Apr-19-2013


Can you provide the templates for this MOD?

Thank you
Leites on Mar-09-2013

We race these awesome cars at:
DRI-ROCKET on Feb-28-2013

where can I find the template Skoda Octavia Cup? The link is off

arcadiumxD on Jul-15-2012

Hello . . .
Where can I get the driver and helmet templates ? ?
jipea on Jul-26-2011

vynikající mod a ve spojení s D-Box hracím k?eslem fantastický zážitek. Nastaveno a odzkoušeno závodníky. díky.
ivank on Jul-21-2011

Any update on the SOC 2010?? We have a blast with these cars and would love a new version for some races we are planning later in the year
dazzyb2k3 on Jun-14-2011

to by nebyla taková oktávka jen bez reklam t?eba jen st?íbrná?
huhuh601 on Jan-26-2011

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Skoda Octavia Cup