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Singapore 2.30

By: Slimjim and Tommy Champion
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 27-Oct-08
Current release: 2.300, on 21-Nov-08

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Screenie by: vincenzo83
Screenie by: vincenzo83
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Silver BENZ
Screenie by: Slimjim
Screenie by: Slimjim
Screenie by: CT
Screenie by: CT
Screenie by: CT
Screenie by: CT

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This is Version 2.0 of Tommy Champion's work.. i have redone everything... track, curbs, all walls and buildings.. adding new 3d buildings, as well as night textures.. redoing the layout of the track using BTB, and 3Dsimed... works and looks the same from night to day... the bump and spec mapping looks better durning the day time hours...

Would like to Thank Tommy for starting this project.. and F1 Lover for the new .bik file....Lasercutter for the new pit building, and track lights.., and F1 Friends Team for starting the project.

OK Singapore Bay GP V2.1 has been released... many fixes and addons.. please read the readme.txt for all updates..

This Version should work with all other Singapore tracks without any problems... but it has not been 100%

Singapore v2.0 is not needed so no need to download 2.0

V2.2 has had all the fixes from everybody here... and would like to Thank you all for your input...

2.2 has been updated with all street lines and lanes, pit in and out lines, new bump added to tdf... some may like while others will not.. i'm not going to please everybody.... a few new textures adjusted the lighting a bit in the gdb.. also fixed the time of practice and race.. pit speed limit...i think someone sent me some new pit lights.. can't remember..i have had so many people sending me or maybe it was sent in my dreams... anyway.. Thank you all once again.. and maybe another updated can fix it even more...

V2.3 has been updated with the new AIW by papacoach..also fixed the gdb as before in 2.1...and resized the Horizon texture..fixed all holes in the track...this is not a patch... remove your 2.2 before installing... Thank you.

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it's possible to have this exact track with 2013 changes pit lane and drs zones ?
TommySmith on Dec-13-2013

You say lap times too fast by almost 10 seconds I also found this but to sort this out just edit the Singapore_bay.tdf file with notepad & change the lines from:




You may find it a little bit trickier in traction zones but you'll get your lap times closer to reality.
MrGeesus on Apr-25-2013

tomersg on Jul-25-2012

Link updated
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-25-2012

download link please?
tomersg on Jul-22-2012

Good track, details, most of the kerbs and track surface.

Any way of fixing the turn 6, 7, 8 chicane? It's so wide now you can just drive through it without hitting the kerbs at all. Should be so tight you run completely over the kerbs.

Also lap times are too fast by almost 10 seconds.
possu1256 on May-11-2011

Hey slimjim this is a great track could make it that its possible to race it at day?? cause when i race tracks at night i got to low fps thx in advance keep up the good work
Dj Noize on Mar-21-2011

Hi, Slimjim!
I am interested in converting this track for netKarPRO.

If you think this is ok please send an email to with any demands you have on this.

TomasT-SWE on Jan-20-2011

mcfritt...... I use the 2008 FSONE mod to compare real lap times.. this is the best recent F1 mod rF has... you may want to tweak the AI setting in game if your racing against them.. also it depend highly on the AI that was made for the track.. if you have a good AIW, and the mod has a very good AI.. you will get the best results... but if both are bad.. it's not even worth trying to race them,...

using the ISI Rhez car for making the AIW file is the best.. and drive slow to make perfect lines... then your AIW will be very very good..
Slimjim on May-20-2010

Singapore works fine for me and is a very good rendering of what I consider to be an absolutely beautiful track. My only criticism, really, (and it is slight) is that the pitboxes don't line up - that is, the texture marking on the ground of little white gridslot-like boxes doesn't match the red box you stop in.

Still, excellent track. Thank you!
Xithyl on Dec-19-2009

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