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Real Feel FFB Plugin 0.92

By: TechAde

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

To get the real feel for yourself simply drop the attached RealFeelPlugin.dll into your rFactorPlugins folder.

What Does It Do?

It replaces the standard rFactor force feedback with a simple algorithm that sends the forces acting on the steering rack directly to the steering wheel.

How Do I Use It?

Drop the RealFeelPlugin.dll into your rFactorPlugins folder. Go Race!

What's the file RealFeelPlugin.ini that has appeared in my rFactor folder?

That is the RealFeel configuration file, where you can specify different settings for each class of car, specify the overall damping level and disable the plugin.

For more technical details and for bug-reporting please see this thread:




Version 0.6.0 Released

* SteeringDamper setting can now be overridden for each mod individually

* FFB Mixing, 100% RealFeal, 100% rFactor FFB, or any mix of the two - adds 'life' to FFB for mods that previously just did not respond to the RealFeel Plugin


Version 0.8.0 Released

* Adds HotKey support and Console view. Please see RSC thread and/or RealFeelReadMe.txt for more details.


Version 0.8.1 Released

* Default steering damper set back to 2500, from 11500 (no damping) of v0.8. No damping caused issues with some wheels, sorry about that.

* KeyRepeatDelay added to config file, default of 0.1s which should cure the issues some people were having with multiple presses being registered.

* Speech enabled by default.


Version 0.8.2 Released

* Bugfix release. Fixes memory leak in HotKey routines.


Version 0.9.0 Released

* New configurable parameter ConsoleRepeatDelay dictates the rate at which the console info is displayed (the value is the number of seconds to wait before updating the console output, default of 0.1 is 10 updates per second).

* Console output of FFB value changed to a percentage. Anything over 100% will mean your wheel is pulling as hard as it can (within the limits of your current controller setup).

* Console output changed so that values can be copied & pasted directly into a spreadsheet for analysis. See example below.

* New configurable parameter SmoothingLevel dicates the amount of smoothing applied to the raw SteeringArmForce. Applicable values are 0 to 9, with 0 being no smoothing and 9 being max smoothing (a weighted average of the last 9 values). Controllable via Hotkey, RightControl + Numpad0 to decrease, RightControl + NumpadDecimal (.) to increase.

* New configurable parameter MinSpeed dictates the speed (in kph) at which RealFeel disables itself in favour of default FFB (default of 10kph)

Console Details

-03300 0 11500 100% 11500 -00074 -00074 -02634 04228 002%
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) (j)

(a) MaxForceAtSteeringRack

(b) SmoothingLevel

(c) SteeringDamper

(d) RealFeelMixerPercent

(e) SteerForceInputMax

(f) SteeringArmForce (Raw)

(g) SteeringArmForce (After smoothing and damping)

(h) Max negative SteeringArmForce since last reset

(i) Max positve SteeringArmForce since last reset

(j) Output FFB percentage


Version 0.9.2 Released

Two new features added.

First is logging console output to a file. This is controlled by an entry in the [General] section of the RealFeelPlugin.ini:


This will log all console output to the file RealFeelLog.txt in the rFactor root folder. The file is reset to zero size on rFactor startup so if you want to keep the data take a copy (or rename the file) before restarting rFactor.

The second new feature is the ability to control the default MaxForceAtSteeringRack, SteeringDamper and SmoothingLevel that will be used for new entries (i.e. cars not driven before). These entries are also in the [General] section of the RealFeelPlugin.ini:


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Latest Real Feel FFB Plugin Comments

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R32 Tuner, it sounds like maybe you don't have it setup correctly. In rFactor, under SETTINGS>CONTROLS>FORCE FEEDBACK, try moving the FORCE FEEDBACK STRENGTH in the opposite direction of where it's presently at. So, for example, if your FFB strength is set to +100%, slide it left to -100. In some cases, you won't want 100%, maybe lower, but the point is, some mods were designed to work with positive FFB and other were designed to work with - FFB. I've not used RealFeel in a while, but make sure to read all the instructions, if I recall they specify how your FFB settings should be set. I think the effects in rFactor need to be set to LOW so the realfeel gets picked up. Also, when you are selecting a car, look under the spinner for the 'UPGRADES' button, in some mods that will allow you to specify RealFeel as the driving default. Hope that helps
[RFC]-Fresh! on Apr-13-2014

Real Feel my arse... This is horrible, my wheel was going crazy. Turn left a little bit and my wheel forces itself all the way left. Doesn't seem that realistic to me. No car I've ever driven feels like this.

Not only that, but I'm not even moving and my wheel shakes like crazy. I think my desk moved.
R32 Tuner on Apr-10-2014

@imber12 - you need to extract the 'RealFeelPlugin.dll' file from the ZIP file. And put the RealFeelPlugin.dll file into the \rFactor\Plugins folder. Will create INI file if one does not already exist. If file in right place you will know as soon as you start driving out of the garage.
NOxymoron on Aug-20-2013

hi whenever i download it saves as a zip folder not .ini so its not working when i open rfactor game any help
imber12 on Aug-20-2013

how do you install it. i use win rar and when i open the file it defaults the dll file to open with mixcraft 5 so it is unusable on my rfactor.
andyspencer5 on May-28-2013

This is f'ing weird. It's like when I turn left on a left corner, the wheel tries to full-lock left. Is it supposed to do that?

Only does it with F1 mods, but with the 1971 mod it's fine.
R32 Tuner on May-20-2013

thank you very much for this.always i found help here.
dvittael on Mar-09-2013

I had that issue too, and to make sure it was only a issue in rF, I did a small min install on a different drive. To see if it acted the same. And of course it did not. So I simply copied my control files to the new mini install. Still worked fine. Then I figured its was due to me having 3 plugins that all changed the d3d.dll file. And my guess was right.. I ended up removing all my user custom HUD files. Including my abused d3d.dll. And it worked. SO if you got access to default files. Re add them one at a time till you find what one did what.
TrojanHertz on Feb-14-2013

@markbasford7 - there are a couple command line options when added to the rF shortcut that may help.

ie; \rFactor\rFactor.exe +fullproc +highprio (forces dual-core support and high priority in computer system)

You might try turning off recording of replays and hotlaps too.
NOxymoron on Feb-10-2013

Hi i have a problem with real feel. When i enable it my graphics freezes for a few seconds a couple of times a lap which makes it unusable. When i turn realfeel off the graphics problem stops. I have tried turning down the level of graphics detail and changed seetings on rf config to lower detail, but problem is still there. Do you have any suggestions thanks.
markbasford7 on Feb-10-2013

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