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Radical Extreme Sports Cars 0.10

By: NiTrO/Eugenio
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: NiTrO
Screenie by: NiTrO
Screenie by: NiTrO
Screenie by: NiTrO
Screenie by: Koala
Screenie by: Koala
Screenie by: NiTrO
Screenie by: NiTrO
Screenie by: NiTrO
Screenie by: NiTrO

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Latest Radical Extreme Sports Cars Comments

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x2611 on Jun-26-2012

Waiting waiting for this puppy!
358modchampion on Jun-30-2010

The mod Father, please visit to talk further about this Radical mod. We are very interested in getting some help. Progress has been slowed because of real life. We are at a stalemate as you said. Thank you for your offer.
DeadEyeski on May-08-2009

Hey guys you still working on this?? I love this car.. and was hoping you guys are still working on it.. if you have reached a stale mate.. let us know as we could help.
Cheers and hope to see this get finsihed..
The Mod Father on Apr-22-2009

Good manners.
snakehands on Apr-20-2009

Ignorant of what F_slim ?
and you are a man who post here .
protoprout on Feb-28-2009

People tend to forget that these mods are made by people in their spare time for the fun of making it, and that it is their courtesy to make them available to everybody.
I've seen a lot of mods beeing killed because of people trying to push the modders or just to force them to post news by simply provoking them.
The truth is, that there are always a lot of people interested and patiently waiting, never posting any comments, and then things get spoiled for a everybody by just a few ignorant people.
If you like to play some other game better, please stay there and don't come here just to disturb the peace.

I've seen those cars once live in Spa, that was really impressive! Good to hear that this project is still going on. It already looks great from the screenshots, and I wish you all the best to succeed with it at your own pace!
The Radicals are in my personal top five of WIPs I am following, and I will certainly download and drive your mod when it is done!
Keep it up, and don't let anybody spoil your fun in making it!!
F_Slim on Feb-28-2009

The art and manner of deferred worries about humanity .....

This mod is only picture and comment.nothing else, and when you see the day where this was posted here ....

Radical car free for a month @ iracing.THIS NOT A JOKE ! go to radical site .
protoprout on Feb-14-2009

keep up the good work guys, can't wait to this mod! no problem about time
DeDios on Feb-12-2009

Please do not be sorry. You have nothing to be sorry about.

I wish the best of success for you with this project.
Vince Klortho on Feb-08-2009

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Radical Extreme Sports Cars