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R8 Gordini 2

By: Frank.f55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 13-Jul-06
Current release: 2, on 18-Aug-06

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Conversion Mod R8 Gordini from GTL to rFactor.
Original model by Emit, converted by HTCC crew to F1 2002, F1C converted by Frank#55 to GTR, GTL, rF. Thanks to Yoss for its works on model 3D. Thanks to Petrol for the physics, damage , rFm and authorization.

2.0 includes:

_ New mirror and et arch in cockpit

_ Arms of the driver ( fixe on Wheel )

_ Possibility to shoose rims , suspensions and force of FFB to the upgrades

_ New physiques by Petrol

_ New rFm for V 1.150

_ New .sfx (use original rFactor sounds)

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Thanks, thanks, thank you so much. I'm 31 but I do love that old models !
Theben22 on Aug-19-2012

This is my favorite mod. The cars are a little slow but the physics are the best I have seen. Boost the engine and trans and watch the Gordini slide through corners and bang, its a thing of beauty.
Mike5Huff on Dec-27-2011

Frank55 a été un moddeur génial. Son HRC est une des séries sur lesquelles je cours le plus souvent. Encore merci pour tout ce travail formidable.

R.I.P. Frank...
benett' on Sep-04-2011

lol. just as fun as the HRC mod. These cars are not only fun at the shorter tracks but the longer as well, At cleveland one of the cars tried to pass me but ended up in the wall bounced back and otehers did hit him. Oh boy that was a good laugh. love this mod indeed
wortel on Dec-09-2010

Good mod !!
julien57865 on Nov-01-2010

best car mod i ever played!!!
Angelspear on Oct-12-2010

Love these classic slow cars, just like I love Historic Mod!!
YashioFactory on Apr-24-2010

This is my favorite Mod. What a nice car to drive. Thanks!
Parrotman on Apr-19-2010

This is definitely one of my favorite mods, I love all these old cars and this mod recreates the feeling of 'the old days' racing really well... I love it!
jon157uk on Jan-02-2010

i just wanted to say that i love the mod handels real good.....but i wants to see the car just a lil faster so i put a 13b rotorey out of the OBS drift mod in it and converted the sounds the cars a rocket( i need more top end lol)...i might have a video of it on here soon maybe.....GREAT MOD love it
nevets2721 on Dec-31-2009

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R8 Gordini