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Pure Muscle Cars 1

By: Jose Lopez
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 09-Sep-13
Current release: 1, on 09-Sep-13

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Screenie by: Jose Lopez
Screenie by: Jose Lopez
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall
Screenie by: jall

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This is my new mod based on american muscle cars. The mod incledes a few of most famous cars of the 70's. Thanks and enjoy.
All cars includes templates for paint yourself.

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newstart027 on Oct-14-2016

This mod was SO disappointing...
I wanted to like something in this mod, but the only thing I liked were the models. Everything else was shit. The car sounds are so bad that they pretty much rape my ears. It sounds like they were taken straight from an F-Zero game. And the game crashes for some reason whenever a certain car is spawned onto the track. The cockpits were royally *****ed, too. The camera was often offset, either too far from the steering wheel or too close, and the vehicle instruments were not working. And speaking of steering wheels, how could you possibly ***** that up, too? All steering wheels in all of the cars would tilt, instead of turning in one simple direction.

I have no idea how people could possibly like this mod.
Teslahaha on Dec-26-2015

I dont have any engine sounds in this mod. I also downloaded the original rF sound folder but it still doesnt work. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Edit: Oops, just found out the solution. It was my fault, had nothing to do with the mod.
Its awesome by the way!
Duennbrettbohrer on Apr-06-2014

I don't care about BS answers on making Mega work because it rarely does.
I certainly wish people would stop using it!
Several hours wasted.
BLeeK on Feb-22-2014

Sadly needs heaps of work, texture are tga not dds, I fixed the textures and reflection on 5 of the cars they ran smooth , but the models are out of proportion distorted looking the width of the cars are out by 10% or more and the height is too low making the car look squashed. Has great potential
scarey1 on Dec-06-2013

Hi, looks like a awesome mod but when I load a track rf keeps crashing. Doesn't seem to matter what car in the mod or what track. If I go back to one of my other cars no problems, please help this looks great.
laidbacktype on Nov-27-2013

This mod looks great, but it chashes my computer. What do I do?
v8 master on Sep-15-2013

Thank you, Jose. Absolutely beautiful job on these classics!!!

I'm put this mod up on my public server. Check out for details.
myself9 on Sep-14-2013

Thanks for the mirror, regards from spain
jall on Sep-12-2013

Aussie muscle car pack?! wow wow, ok but it's very hard to find these cars. Ok i'm work in this mod. Thx!!
jall on Sep-12-2013

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