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Pure Motor Land 1.10

By: nui
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 02-May-09
Current release: 1.100, on 05-May-09

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Screenie by: Fastfest
Screenie by: Fastfest
Screenie by: miyapon
Screenie by: miyapon
Screenie by: jakub1997
Screenie by: jakub1997
Screenie by: miyapon
Screenie by: miyapon
Screenie by: miyapon
Screenie by: miyapon

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Pure Motor Land 1.1

Long Layout
Short Layout

Long Layout Little Fix...
1.0Folder Delete Please.

enjoy :}

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Can you upload please
markanlb on Mar-23-2013

please upload?
witek266 on Feb-02-2012

those square tires look so stupid-.-
it seems fun to drive but what's the point of placing tires all across the track? i mean, you made it look really cool with the bridge and fences and stuff but those tires are everywhere but well, at least you've been creative
nice work, just get round tires and it's perfect =D
ikke_mofo on May-27-2009

This track is really great fun. I recommend it to anyone who prefers to use a bit of cunning instead brute speed. It reminds me of the Gymkhana I once saw except that was on dirt/grass. I remember watching a Benz Vs a Mini-Moke - the Moke won. I hope other track makers are inspired by this and we see many more like it.

I noticed there are many areas around the track with jumps, narrow lanes etc.,that could easily be used for racing also. Do you plan on utilizing any of those areas in making alternate tracks?
Fastfest on May-22-2009

@Ferrariman60: I think the Stratos is from the HRC mod:
gerix on May-05-2009

I don,t know what the changes are to this new v1.1 but the frame rate seem even less on the long version. The short version seems pretty high though.
kendo on May-05-2009

What mod is the Lancia Stratos from?
Ferrariman60 on May-04-2009

I stopped the CTD's by putting circuit detail at medium.
quic vic on May-04-2009

It crashes rFactor too... :s :s
under06560 on May-04-2009

Prevention of CTD

Display Setting
Texture Quality Full to High

Loading Try!
miyapon on May-03-2009

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