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ProtoRacer Proton 1.10

By: rFrancis
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 07-Mar-06
Current release: 1.100, on 26-Apr-06

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Screenie by: spoony_tibi
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Screenie by: dava196
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Screenie by: vincent2313

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The Proton literally eats the road. Its great down force, 1000 kg weight and 550 horsepower will give you an exciting ride. If you want to perform on medium to high-speed corners, this is the car. Available upgrades include wheels and Force Feedback adjustments; and through a minor tweak you can change the colour of the default wheels.

NOTE: ProtoRacer Proton is part of the Series.

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Whatever happened to the ProtoRacer Scorpion?
nebraskadirt on Jun-25-2011

I love these freakin cars. Awesome mod, challenging series, slick things on wheels.

I'd like to offer one tip for the new user: If you have the pit-row auto-navigation feature enabled in rFactor, you may want to flutter the brakes as the AI navigates the Proton out of pit row. It looks like there may be a bit more steering responsiveness and throttle responsiveness in the Proton than what the pit-row auto-nav AI was built to handle.

To play it safe, or something, being a new rFactor driver myself, I think that I'll be making a few laps down on the Jacksonville Speedway -- what with its clean curves, long straightaways, overall speed-loving design, and all -- until I can get comfortable with this piece of machinery called the Proton, enough to put it to the gauntlet of the Championship circuit.

Here, I'd thought I was just getting a car add-on, but it came with a whole series. Rock on. This work is very much appreciated, ye doods what put it together.
Gimbal on Sep-25-2008

I started with 1255 full install. first I downloaded The Proton and Demon Protoracers. I have no sounds. I created a "Proto" folder in the sounds folder and copied the LMSE files to that folder, put the LMSE.sfx file in my Proto folder in vehicles (and all the car folders) and still no sound! What am I doing wrong. PLease give details! You can send the instructions to me at with Proto in the subject line. Any help is greatly appreciated.
F1wnb on Sep-10-2008

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ProtoRacer Proton