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Project D 2.31

By: TkD and AMAGI
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 07-Mar-12
Current release: 2.310, on 07-Mar-12

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Screenie by: jesse98
Screenie by: jesse98
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ
Screenie by: SmakzZ

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This is a mod which is based on nice drifting physics. In this mod we have 17 cars (more to come) which inculdes S14A, S13, 240SX and much more. Every car has more than 10 upgrades, including bodykits upgrades and skins. This mod was created by SmakzZ and Twisterbest (TkD) and upgraded by AMAGI, which has brought us this amazing mod which right now has over 30 people playing online everyday.

For more info and new updates like sound updates or skins, please visit or JDMFACTOR (search on facebook) group.

Gentlemen, Its a 3-part Download and so has to be "treated" as Such.

Here's how it's done

1. You first Download all 3 parts.
2. You ensure all 3 Downloaded Parts are in the same location (such as in your "My Documents" Folder).
3. You put your mouse cursor on Part 1 and RIGHT click with your Mouse.
4. You select "Extract Here"(from the choices/options in the list that pops up) or DOWNLOAD HJSPLIT AND SELECT THE 001 PART AND EXTRACT THEM
5. The Extraction will begin with Part 1 and will continue to Extract parts 2 and 3 to make one file/folder.
6. Once the Entire Extraction is Complete you then install the Completed Extraction.

Thanks to all who helped in this mod,

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hi...can someone tell me where can i download bmw car for this mod...thanks for all answers have a nice day
DJWALT on Apr-15-2014

when i go to race the game crashes i just want to know if i did anything wrong or if other people are haveing problems?
yolostrats on Mar-24-2014

Ok so got everything downloaded and installed but for some reason only the 180sx and JZZ30 are the only drivable cars? Everything else the wheel pulls the way the wheels are going rather than the opposite way to straighten them out.
DavidStewart93 on Mar-16-2014

Hi guys! Why didn't upload a version for ppl who use te earlier version of this mod(2.3) cuz I just want to update it for 2.31. I don't want to download the whole mod again?!:S
aMi3L03 on Feb-24-2014

the 3 seperate downloads are unknown files the complete file link the mod doesnt show in my car list
jsmith666 on Feb-22-2014

okay so I've put the new files in their correct places and all seems well, but when I go to play the game, the project D 2.3 banner shows up and then the computer screen turns black with a cursor. When I exit out of the game a message shows up saying that it had an error with the coreshaders (I don't know what that is because im a noob when it comes to computer stuff). if I can get any help with this problem, it is greatly appreciated.
thank you for reading
drifteds13 on Feb-15-2014

hello everybody. I am new to the rfactor drifting community and I want to try my hand at drifting. My only issue is installing Project D 2.31. I have everything downloaded and saved, I just cant open up the files to place them in the correct spots. I think the issue is the fact that my computer is running on windows 8. thanks in advance
drifteds13 on Feb-14-2014

Installed this Mod fine..only problem is I can't buy any upgrades for any cars....the upgrade button is greyed out..can someone please help?
Mr P510 on Dec-25-2013

gom3z1 on Nov-24-2013

Hello, and thanks for the feedback! We love to see that you all like it. I will upload new link with the new AE86 and I would suggest u all looking at since it has a lot of new mods (rims, updates on physics, upgrades like bricks in s13, etc) and creation of new cars and skins. Also, it doesent matter which wheel you get although for maximum enjoyment buy one with 900ยบ and FFB, I would go with Logitech since most people seem to be happy with it.
haxoraxe on Nov-20-2013

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