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Passo del stelvio 1

By: Pirx and eladiodefresia
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 17-Sep-09
Current release: 1, on 17-Sep-09

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Screenie by: GONZTD
Screenie by: GONZTD
Screenie by: Oroty
Screenie by: Oroty
Screenie by: Pirx
Screenie by: Pirx
Screenie by: Pirx
Screenie by: Pirx
Screenie by: Pirx
Screenie by: Pirx

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Passo dello Stelvio BETA

Tramo situado al norte de Italia, considerado una de las carreteras mas peligrosas.

El Passo dello Stelvio, situado en los Alpes y disputado varias veces en el Giro de Italia, tiene una longitud de unos 20 km y un desnivel medio del 7.5% siendo la altitud en la llegada de 2750 m.

Casi la totalidad de las curvas son horquillas lo que le convierte en un tramo complicado pero divertido (aunque no tanto para nuestros volantes)

Futuros cambios :

Añadir mas objetos
Eliminación de tramo de vuelta ( tipo tramo de rallye )
Estrechar la carretera
Mejorar AI
y algunos cambios más que vayan saliendo.

Beta version of "Passo dello Stelvio", a road situated in northern Italy, considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

This is a beta version, I'm still working on the final version (my PC, an old one, is almost fried).

More to come:

More and better textures.
More objects.
No return road (rallye track style).
Make narrower road.
Improve AI.

Please visit for information.

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Wow, thanks! Really made my day!
asdasdasdasdasdasdfasdfas on Jun-04-2012

Guys we've updated the link with a medialink version, please try again.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jun-03-2012

Just wanted to go all ecstatic, but apparently I can't access that link either since I don't have that pro-membership-thingy...
I really don't want to seem impatient, but is there any way you could post another link?
Million thanks in advance!!
asdasdasdasdasdasdfasdfas on Jun-02-2012

PLS new link to download, this track is the best on planet...Thanks
martinpetricek2 on Jun-01-2012

no working download link
cesniper on May-08-2012

Same worries here. Would really love to download that road, but at the moment that's simply not possible...Could anyone pleeeease prove us wrong on that one?
asdasdasdasdasdasdfasdfas on Apr-26-2012

I would love to be able to download and drive this road on rFactor, especially as I just saw a repeat of the Top Gear Episode on BBCAmerica where the boys drove the road. There's only one problem. Everytime I try to download the road it sends me to the same FileServe page where it says "FileServe can only be used to download and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally." There is no way to download this road as it stands now. Are there any other links where this road can be downloaded?
BigDaddyCool on Apr-13-2012

Good luck getting that bus around those hairpins...
John DiFool on Mar-21-2011

I am very interested in converting this for netKarPRO.

If you give permission for this and have special terms please send me an email =)

TomasT-SWE on Jan-14-2011

last straight is amazing...perfect for high speed rfactor...i did 412kmh with f1 =)
follete69 on Nov-07-2009

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