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Outback Rally 1

By: by Legendsatlunch and EastWest Extreme Modding Crew
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 15-Dec-09
Current release: 1, on 15-Dec-09

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Screenie by: Gollumm
Screenie by: Gollumm

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Hi All!

Welcome to the Outback Rally, A 16km circuit located in the Northern territory, Some where in the vast open desert.

I have made a small special stage area to break up the long road trip
Ai has problems due this bieng made up of single Rd's ( BTB issue ) hopefully a fix will come soon..
You get yellow flagged crossing the start line..... Doh! A few people seem to have this issue.....

also may need to adjust the tdf some more... dust levels might be a bit high for racing....

Other than that I think all is good!.

let me know Of anything that could improved.....

Many thanks to Piddy for BTB

Many thanks to the following people for the excellent work in creating the models and textures for the xpacks
Golly :EWE textures and Loading screens !
Duff Buckets :Race Objects
Wierdbeard :Hayward Club
delu77 :roadside objects
Raceking :Savannah Grasslands
jay_p_666/rbr :Great Britain
woodn :dirt track Equipment
woodn :Race car trailers
woodn :Track tyres
Mr Men Mod Team

Also to Isi for some of theirs......

Cheers and enjoy the track!
Paul..... Legendsatlunch


Inside the EWOR_Outback_Rally_v1.0 folder paste the contents into your rFactor install. If you have a seperate Locations folder, place the EWOR folder and all its contents into your locations area. Also included in this download is the .HAT file. Place this into your relevent Userdata area. Helps with load ups.


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So I'm flying along, running off course (because it has been a while since I did rally. anyway, the dust is OK as I followed some cars and the dust isn't too thick and doesn't hang around. However- I got DQ'd because when I'm going the wrong way, I don't get any warning. Maybe that's the yellow flag- but I turned around and went the other way. I always see a message warning I'm going the wrong ay before I get going. So- if you can get a "wrong way" on-screen message into the mod it would be great. Especially since there may not be any cars coming by to indicate the right way.
F1wnb on Oct-13-2014

This track doesn't load at all. Same as with Finke. I have them in EWOR-folder in locations, still no go.
Raikku on Jun-25-2010

Does anyone know why the AI cars disappear or leave the rally in the middle of the first lap ?
pso2 on May-29-2010

Getting the same issue when crossing the start/finish line, no times posted and a wrong way warning, then you get DQ'd,What's up Doc?
Humpfester on Jan-08-2010

Confusing, does not seem to post times per lap. you have two lanes, 1 goes to pits, one goes thru i guess but you get wrong way signal and DQ'd if you go to the right lane
it should at least post lap times on lap 2 and above.. the sky.mas error goes away if you transfer any sky.mas file into mod.. help with times, other wise great mod..
wingrider on Dec-30-2009

Hi Guys,sorry for the troubles you are having. Go to the above site and grab the sky.rar to fix the missing sky mas. I removed it to save upload size..

Sorry again, as for the other error I'm not sure I don't have that problem here.

I did have an infield road for rally but removed it to save frames....

I hope it works ok. Whilst your at the above site you can try some of the other tracks I have created.
Many thanks.
legendsatlunch on Dec-25-2009

Well done guys....Cambo

It's OK now but must download the track from mediafire server the other one is also missing the sky.mas

That's a good and nice job, but I think reserved for buggy cars because of the specific 4x4, a bit annoying with rally cars.

If the next version will come with a shorter infield track for rally cars that will be great.
toto2b on Dec-19-2009

I install the track as told and same error; sky.mas.

Please help, I would like to try this track.

Thanks in advance.

Solution (well it worked for me):
The track seem to have the "sky.mas" file missing from its directory. I install the "Finke Farm 1.00" track wich it goes in "EWOR" directory as well and it has the "sky.mas" file in it, now the "Outback Rally 1.00" works fine and let me tell you: it's a totally great track to race on.

Great work Guys!!

Link for the "Finke Farm 1.00":
CETLA on Dec-18-2009

After add a file sky.mas from an other track, I got an error loading texture.bkaa for material BKAA and after a global error material BKAA.
toto2b on Dec-18-2009

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