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One Way International Raceway 0.99

By: Owi
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Jun-11
Current release: 0.990, on 23-Jun-11

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Screenie by: -Owi-
Screenie by: -Owi-
Screenie by: Mombassa
Screenie by: Mombassa

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Updated version:

new first shikane,
KI / player pitlane works
clipping and texture flicing fixed,
div. other fixes
fog added (looks better in my taste)

One Way International - Raceway

11.8km long
7 Variant
16 Corners
2x24 Pitspots
48 Grid

4.15 min average roundtime (GT)


Elevated Pitlane
Day - Night ambient background (city/building lights)
recommend to drive a nightsession because it`s a beauty =)

If you find any bugs or fixed you like to see lemme know.
I will release some fixes anyway but currently i think the track is ready for a first release.

Have fun, Owi


One Way Interantional - Raceway - Version 0.99

entpacken nach / unpack into



current bugs:

-KI Pitcrewdelay, pitlights
-to much cut`s possible


pls call me first if you want to change, use or convert anything on or with the track
also if you find any other bugs or thinks you want to improve


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This is an ideal circuit for racing! Layout is incredible! Thank you, Owi!!! )))))
VladimirRB7 on Dec-06-2012

Thx Gold Blender got lot nice helpfull plugins and scripts. I use it because it is free. I think there is no limit or difference to 3dmax to create quality 3d objects ..and a racetrack isnt more then that. Biggest problem i see is, that blender dont have a .gmt export tool, a batch export or any other plugins that wouldt be helpfull for converting it into the right format. Biggest problem here is the time you have to spend for converting it 2-3 times befor you can drive on it. Like Owi Raceway has around 2500 single .gmts i had to export all by each manualy - very painfull work.
-Owi- on Apr-25-2012

It is because of this track that I have confidence in making tracks for rFactor using Blender. I somehow drawn interest making tracks for rFactor because of this track. Racing this course was a very unique experience, and I think you've done a great job making such an exciting track. It is certainly a unique track with the elevated pit lane and the glass pit roads above the Start/Finish straight. One of the coolest touches to me was the 3D Blender logo in the final corner.

So while 3D Studio Max is the preferred 3D program, you've given a lot of us Blender folk hope in making quality tracks. I am still very poor with Blender, but I have a lot of respect for you in making this course. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Gold_Moon on Mar-08-2012

This is a really fun course to drive. The layout is very interesting. It is also a well made course. However, it does have some problems. There are lots of places with z-fighting going on. This is where two objects are nearly co-planar and it results in flickering textures. One way to fix them is to give them more seperation.

There are also some places with phantom shadows like where a road crosses over another and the shadows from above appear on the lower road. One way to fix this is to add a planar object that will receive shadows and set it to be invisible so it acts as a 'shadow-sink.'

I really like this course and when these issues are fixed it will be even better. I hope you will be able to fix them. Best of luck.
Vince Klortho on Dec-13-2011

thx rutin.. will change the filter with next update.

Default 100% laplenght is set to 26laps. (gdb)
-Owi- on Jul-05-2011

Usually we set 50% of full lenght, it is 39 in Monaco for instance...we calculated and the result for your very long track (Q3 best lap was around 3:11) was 13 laps.
xxlrutin on Jul-05-2011

Ive noticed that i went to run the ISI Panoz mod and it wouldnt show up and then went into the .gbd and found why. The track filter was set to O.W.I and it should be something like the SR Grand Prix track filter (something along those lines) but other than that great track
Dam24 on Jul-04-2011

ohoohoooh .. rolls a ciggarette gets drink and watch ya movie !!! THX

pitcrew was AIW error. Something i was overseeing.


how much rounds was ya driving?
-Owi- on Jul-01-2011

Owi! Thank you for the changes you've made, and thanx for listening to my suggestions. The track now is absolutely brilliant. The pitcrew works and the pitlane is shorter. The new chikane - much better than the one before. In my F1 league now we're having our mid-season races, our fun-season. Your track was the first one in the fun season and it was held last Sunday evening 21.00. So let me present you the World's Number 1 Ever F1-Race on your track! I hope you enjoy watching just as much as we enjoyed ourself racing on your track. The link:
Btw, how you solved the problem with the pitcrew?
xxlrutin on Jul-01-2011

thx kimi.. atlast someone likes it harder like i do but sorry i dont change it again. It is cool now even i luved the first one to, for a leaguerace the shikane is way better and safer like it is now.
-Owi- on Jun-30-2011

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