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NZ Stockcars 1.20

By: KDSR and Major Catastrophe and Ford Prefect
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Initial release: 31-Mar-07
Current release: 1.200, on 09-Feb-10

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Screenie by: willy61
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Screenie by: caddyshack
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Screenie by: willy61
Screenie by: willy61
Screenie by: willy61
Screenie by: willy61
Screenie by: willy61

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9th Feb 2010
This update is quite minor and includes:
Upgraded physics
Many Skin Packs
Engine Sounds

12th Dec 2007
The second release for the rFactor NZ Stockcars range is now out over at KiwiDirt, KiwiSimRacing and rFactor Central. Version 1.1 features 6 chassis (Concord, Gordge, Hickey, Hemi, Rees, Tank) as well as 83 skins (24 of these are real life skins along with 4 real life teams included). This MOD is such an improvement over v1.0 with a brand new set of car physics and we have done our best to include all the suggestions you gave based on your feedback - we now have a perfectly working AI on 'most' tracks (track makers will need to fix their AIW files of their tracks to get a fully working AI). In the near future, new skins, chassis and tracks will be released for the MOD which will improve it even more than it is now.

The MOD has been brought to you by:
Major_Catastrophe - Modding, physics
Ford Prefect - Models, physics
DirtNZ - Skins, AI tuning, logos
Aaza - Skins, car mapping
Bull - Skins
Rikstr - Chief organizer
Dual - Self Installer
EraserNZ - Beta tester

Plus various support from many other rFactor modders eg. Freew67 for his troubleshooting, members of the KDSR and KSR community eg. Monticus for skins and Blenderer for his track work.

There was plenty more people than what I've mentioned that helped out on the MOD so I'm sorry if I've missed your name.

Note: This MOD install does not need rFactor NZ Stockcars v1.0 to be uninstalled. The two MOD versions can easily run side by side.

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its only installers now, it wont open
kiwistockcar on May-04-2014

i dwnloadid by no tracks
liamfenemor on Jan-07-2014

yea i installed it but hav no idea wot to do now
fattie on Dec-10-2010

do u no who i could see about making a car for me. it would be a tank number 277p
tank3nz/277p on Nov-20-2010

sup boiz and girls i want to know if buying rfactor via creditcard online is safe any body help me olz cheers
tank3nz/277p on Oct-26-2010

Start rFactor by the rFactor icon, then if they do not appear when you are in game you can click on the Customize tab then the player button. At the top there is a option for the 'Series', use the arrows to select the NZ Stockcars.
Evo monkey on Aug-05-2010

hey wotz up bull how does rfactor superstocks work i downloaded every thing i kood and jus wondering how to play it ???????????????? kan u help???
tank3nz/277p on Aug-05-2010

hey wotz up bull kan u plz help me jus a minor prob how do u get stokies to work kuz
i installed every thing and no link or short cut on ma desktop wot do i do
tank3nz/277p on Aug-05-2010

Yet another constructive well thought post Bull......

Cheers Rik im sure the new installer will make things hassle free!
petrolhead51 on Feb-12-2010

Must be a positive communtiy then KDSR_Bull
20champ on Feb-12-2010

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